WOW i can post again!

/me dances the happy dance

Hi all!, you will not remember me at all but i posted a few years ago, just when i was getting the hand of it the board went pay-to-post, 14 dollars is not much to you but for me it was around 45 pesos, that i could not afford-

I was thinking of becoming a paying subscriber a few months ago (and may still do it just to repay the SDMB for years of taking up bandwith in my incessant lurking), but didnt get around to do it.

GOD is cool to be able to post again!

Posting this made me realize i should subscribe, i’ll do it in the next few days :).

Wherein the old posters from the free-to-post days reintroduce themselves to the vastly changed SDMB

Happy_Booker: librarian, 60+, Canadian with U.S. origins, left-of-center (Canadian center – way left of American center), frequents all forums with Cafe Society and the Game Room getting the least play, Red Sox fan. While hanging out for the last couple of years has occasionally alerted TubaDiva to interesting threads. Favorite all-time thread: the urinal thread

Just testing, as I let my subscription lapse but the board says I can post…

Well, welcome back. The boards are acting wonky these days…

Wow, I can post too.

So is this the free posting that’s been promised, or is it just the boards being weird?

Well whaddya know.

Gyrate: Spreadsheet slavey, fortysomething, American male living in London. Married with one (very very new!) babychild.

Politics: Slightly vaguely leftish for the UK, which probably means somewhere left of Trotsky by US standards, but generally disgusted by all political parties and willing to be persuaded on individual issues. Able to differentiate between political positions on issues in an ideal world and pragmatic realpolitik achievability. Fiercely opposed to the neocons for their tactics rather than specific policies.

Religion: born and raised agnostic, but think Hitchens and Dawkins need a good slapping.

More interested in culture than sports, cooking than cars, bad puns than flirting, and rational discourse than dogma.

Warning! Poster has been known to filk.

My new filing technique is unstoppable.

It’s the free posting. How’s it feel?

I’ve been lurking since I let my subscription lapse after the first year. It’s good to be back!!!

I’ve merged two similar threads where posters from days of yore were reintroducing themselves. Welcome back, folks. :slight_smile:

wow, my first thread merge, i am strangely moved by this, this sense of belonging…


Sumbody must have stole it.

I cannot see / view / access / display / visualize posters’ profiles; not even my own. What kind of “guest” am I? Feels more like “trespasser”.

And the board now is slower than it’s ever been. Maybe the new servers have significant inertia and require time to get up to speed. See we shall.

Just testing to see if I too can post.

Feels bittersweet. I tried to hold out after my subscription lapsed in April, but I finally decided to go ahead and pay up. I figured that should jump start the free posting process.

Wow…I can post too!!!

Now for the “Airing of the grievances”…:smiley:

TSFR…aka daniel

Like the OP, I’m sure no one will remember me.

The one thing people might remember me for is chewing out the Photoreading guy.

Testing … testing … is this thing on?

Yikes!! :eek:

scurries back into the shadows