Who's In? ( subscription )

Just wondering.

I’m in.

I just subscribed now.

$5 is not much to pay for the enjoyment the dope brings, imho.

I’m in!! Took 38 mins - but what else was I gonna do on my lunch hour?

Oh and Look!! Location’s back!!!

Note: verbenabeast, you’re in, too. (And you owe me $5 - Do NOT give it to my husband. I love him but cash vanishes in his hands. :stuck_out_tongue: If you like, you can buy me something equivalent, preferably froo-froo girly crap!)

Moi aussi. If nothing else, I consider it back dues for years of value received.

I’m in.

This my first post since becoming a Charter Member. Yea!

I’m in.

I’m in. Not that I really post anymore anyways, but $5 isn’t too much of a sacrifice…

Hey! I’m in too! I really should try to come up with something clever for my location.

This Wolf lifts a paw and waves hello at her fellow Dopers. :slight_smile:

I’m in.

Im in! Am I a cool kid now?

I just wanted to post and watch it say charter member. I feel so special now!

swampy, honey, any a-list alum is, by definition, too cool for school.

dips toe… tests water…


Looks the same…

Smells the same…

Caspers look more… yellow.
Sits looking around dubiously.

I’m in tonight after work, I forgot my CC at home.

I’m in. And I too am glad the Location indication is back. :slight_smile:

<waves at everyone>

Present! Though I’m still not sure I didn’t waste $5, the board doesn’t seem any faster and nobody gave me a toaster. :smiley:

I’m in. No, you probably have never heard of me, since I’ve only posted a few times. But I’d lurked since 2000, finally registered a year or so ago, and figure this place has given me much more than $5 worth of info and entertainment.



Me! :slight_smile: