WOW i can post again!

Welcome, welcome, everyone!

Looks like I have to get the big industrial-size vat of orange-pineapple-ginger ice cream mixing… but it still tastes as good.

Hi there.

Twisty as in twistydub?!

I’m looking forward to the new blood, even the not-so-fresh returning blood… It was getting boring here.

Huh, whaddaya know. I can post.

HI! And HI to Twisty, too!

We’ve missed you


While I haven’t posted since 2004, apparently, I’ve been visiting and lurking ever since. When the boards went pay-to-post, I was still a poor college student who couldn’t really justify paying when I didn’t post that much to begin with.

Even though I’ve been a graduate student for the past few years and have a “real” job, I could never bring myself to subscribe. I’m cheap, OK?

But now it’s great to be back, and I look forward to actually contributing to threads.

Not that I think anyone would ever remember me, but just a quick update on my life:

I married my college sweetheart in August, and in two weeks we are going on an Alaskan cruise for our honeymoon!

I remain a football fanatic and look forward to cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Bengals at Heinz Field in November. (tickets were a wedding present from my parents)

It’s nice to be back!

Huh? What’s this then?

I recognize so many of these names from way back when. . .sailor, XJETGIRLX, Shrinking Violet, Tequila Mockingbird. Nice to see everyone again!

He says, until some of the old rabble-rousers show up again.

I think user profiles are part of the privileges of being a member. You pay a small fee to have a post count and a user profile. No one is deliberately excluding you personally.

Now Charter Membership is a whole nother animal. We have the fancy bathrooms. And we get the best squid and goats for the initiations.

Holy frikken sweet!!!

I’ll be the first to admit I thought this day would never come. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to reward the SDMB’s continued breaking of promises (nor potentially throw away good money) by renewing my subscription after they announced free posting to come.

It was hard. I still read the boards every day, but suddenly I saw lots more threads I wanted to reply to! Several times I almost broke down and sent in my money, but I persevered.

And now I’m back and I’m unstoppable! (Until my employer notices that my productivity has fallen by 90% or so…)

I even get to keep my Charter Member title! Huzzah!

Hey! I can post again!!

puts fingers in ears lalalalalalala

I don’t wanna hear it. I was a few weeks late renewing my charter-level subscription some years back, during a particularly chaotic chapter in my life, and I just can’t handle the double-standards.

chin quivers, eyes tear up

For my part in the multi-poster re-initiation I shall bring a giant mutant star goat. Now that it is done threatening Golgafrincham

I posted way way back in the dark ages, and actually subscribed for a year then… I lapsed. I don’t know how it happened! Really, one minute I’m a charter member then the next… Ka-Pow… Lurking. But I never was that prolific, and I like lurking, and uh… actually the sound of my own voice is frightening me…


I signed up a long time ago, and read pretty much every day, but never upgraded my membership because free posting was just around the corner. It’s great to see this reply box.

I wish we’d been allowed in before the Lost Weekend. It looked like you guys were having a rollicking good time.

I just came in to say a gleeful*: ME TOO! Hooray!

*Gleeful because no one likes actually, ya know, working at work.

Now that I’m back I can continue posting like I always did… writing up replies then chickening out and deleting them before posting.

Doesn’t everyone?

Would I be showing my age if I put forward the name handy?