Checking in.

I appear to be back. Hello everybody! Miss me?

Hmmm. Still shows me as “Charter Member,” but my 5,000+ post count is gone.

I guess I have to take what I get, with free posting.

Heck it’s listing me as a guest you lucky dog.

I missed you! And I think they’re working on that missing post count issue.

Less than three! I’ve been reading, if not posting.

Glad to see ya back in the warren! Ya didn’t go tharn or anything? How’ s Bigwig doin’?

I remember your name, so that means I missed you a little. Welcome back!

Thank you!

I too remembered that I hadn’t seen you 'round these parts in a while.


Who the heck are you?


Welcome back!

Welcome back - you have been remembered. In fact, I seem to recall you contemplating some “life event” oriented change in your life - but I could have that wrong and don’t want to state what I recall in case I am either way off base or you don’t wish to discuss it. But IIRC, then I hope it went / is going well…

I may recall someone with a name like yours, lemme think.

Oh, yeah.

Since you ask, this is about me.

Except for that unpleasantness, it’s all going well; thanks for asking!

As my wife says (mostly writes), 2.9!

After reading the link…

Wow. Fiver: best of luck and I hope this all goes your way. Sorry to read about this kind of crap still going on…

Thanks, hon!

Welcome back. I remember you.

I certainly remember you, we met at the last Nashvegas Dopefest. Best of luck with your legal issues.

Not really. But then, you’ve been on my LJ screen the entire time.