HAPPY "WHO-LIDAYS" from the U.S. Postal Service?

I just noticed this unique cancellation stamp on our recently delivered envelopes. Is this a nationwide postal aberration?


I see a lot of mail where I work and here (I’m holding up a bunch of envelopes) are some Seussified cancellations from Carolina, Georgia, California, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts.

The USPS is going for commercial tie-ins in a big way. I saw a mail truck yesterday with the phrase “You have mail!” on the side. Huh? It thought that was a registered trademark (servicemark?) of…yep, upon further inspection of the mail truck it seems the USPS now has an AOL keyword and marketing tie.

Snail mail hooking up with the world’s largest email provider. Ironic, eh?

Oh, yeah. It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife.

Oh GREAT. Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head.

::runs away clutching ears::

One of our rural carriers has her delivery vehicle painted white with black “cow” spots. She has “Got Mail?” on the rear window…

I thought I was gonna hurl the first time I saw the "WHO-lidays thing on my mail. Please.

Why is the USPS advertising for a movie? It’s just not right! Not right, I say! And don’t try & say “well, the Grinch is a classic, yadda yadda yadda.” No. They’re advertising for the live-action film. That’s just wrong!

Yeah, their willing to fork pout millions to the producers of ‘Grinch’ for the right to put that stupid cancellation stamp on, and pass the costs on to us (notice that they’re raising the rates 2 cents next year?)

lawoot, actually the USPS is MAKING money with that cancellation. The movie gets adverstising, the USPS gets revenue from the studio. Similar deal with all the other partnerships, such as AOL, etc. Additionally, the stamp price is going up by one cent, not two. For now.

AOL’s famous line is “You’ve GOT mail.”

OHHHHHHH. I see. Everyone makes money. And Life is good. The logic is beyond all question.

This is why I voted for Nader.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago in VVC2.

Not completely nationwide. I got a card from Roswell, GA the other day that didn’t have this stamp, but so far, it’s the only one.


I live in Overreactive-Fundamentalist-Christain-Central here and several weeks ago, there was a letter to the editor in our local paper from a woman who was completely distressed about this phenomenon.

Was she stressed because the post office had ties to a movie/book? Nope, she had actually never heard of this thing we call Dr. Seuss. Seriously.

She was under the impression that the Postal Service was deliberately teasing the public by taking “HOLY” out of the holiday and replacing it with “who” and making some sort of public statement that Christ and God were no longer really part of this holiday. She was outraged that the federal government could get away with making such a claim–like they were deliberately advocating the removal of anything religious from Christmas.

Several people wrote in trying to explain the whole Grinch thing to her and last week she wrote in again saying that she didn’t really believe that it was because of the Grinch movie and that it was just a convenient cover-up for what they were really trying to do.

The Illuminati is apparently alive and well in Moronville, Tennessee!

I wonder what she thought the Grinch’s hand holding an ornament represented. :slight_smile:

Uh, just because this is MPSIMS doesn’t mean we get to not use facts anymore. No money changed hands in this deal. As noted in a wire story from Dec. 11:

I can only assume that she thinks it must be the hand of Satan himself!