My stamps aren't threatening enough

A guy at work asked me for a stamp then said he didn’t want to use it. He was mailing an angry letter to an eBay buyer and my stamps, the whimsical “Antique Toys” design, apparently didn’t convey the proper tone.

So what stamp would you use for an angry letter?

He wants the stamps to be threatening? That’s just bizarre. Who even looks at the stamps? Tell him it’s a good thing it’s not Christmastime, then - last Christmas, or maybe the year before, the Post Office was cancelling stamps with a picture of the Grinch’s hand holding an ornament. Very nonthreatening.

We never pick out our stamps in this household, we just take what the postmaster gives us when we ask. Right now it’s a roll of stamps with the American flag on 'em. At the office, we have “diner” stamps, very moderne and nifty.

About the scariest first class stamps being offered by the USPS these days are the American Bats series.

Unless snowmen or teddy bears freak you out, in which case, I’d go for those.

Awww, the bats aren’t all that scary! I put them on all the Doper Valentines I sent out! I thought they were kinda cute!

Wasn’t there a stamp with a boxer released fairly recently? That could be intimidating.

Have you seen the Masters of American Photography series? There’s nothing quite like the forlorn stare of a dust bowl era farmer to put a little humility into someone.

Definitely the Classic Movie Monsters stamps.

That’s really funny. The stamps aren’t angry enough… The world is full of all kinds.

Somebody, I think it was here, was talking about a woman bitching because there weren’t any baby-shower themed stamps for her invitations. It truly does take all kinds.