Just got an e-mail from a newsgroup I belong to saying that they have been infected with the Happy99.exe virus; they provided an URL where there is a procedure to eliminate said virus. Just thought I’d pass the info along to interested Dopers.


P.S.: You can also use the GO search engine at the bottom of that page (or go straight to it: http://www.go.com for additional info.

Damn, there’s a lot on that page!

Y’all might find THIS easier to navigate:

From Symantec: Happy99.Worm

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Or go here to check if you have the virus right now and get rid of it if you do:


And of course all the virus-checker sites.

Two popular ones: www.mcafee.com www.norton.com

Buy an anti-virus program, and scan everything!

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      • Virus Schmirus - I tried one of the “top-rated” antivirus programs and all it did was crash my system whenever I went online.(twist-my-arm, “Okay!Okay! McAfee ViruScan Deluxe!”) I don’t open stuff from unknown senders, but other than that I don’t really worry about it too much. - MC

Well, MC, we use McAfee at work (over a thousand PCs,486 to PIII) and haven’t had a problem. There’s no explaining why your system crashed. It’s all Bill’s fault.

Bob the Random Expert
“If we don’t have the answer, we’ll make one up.”