harassed by a fuel tank

There was this lady who owned a small shoe store. To reach her customers better she decided to get a 1-800 number. She did this and it worked fine for a few months. One day she was working and exactly at 2:00 the phone rang. Nobody was there, so she hung up. At exactly 2:30 this happened again. When she hit #69 the number was unlisted. The phone rang every 30 minutes FOR SIX MONTHS!! She needed the 1-800 number so bad for her company, and the number was already well advertised so she couldn’t unplug the phone. Eventually the phone company heard about the problem. They traced the problem to an oil tank in the basement of someones summer home. The tank had an automatic dialing feature that allowed it to call the refilling company when it ran low. The company had run out of business, and the owners of the home had gone away for winter, so the tank ran low and began calling it’s low-fuel number. This was the number reassigned to the shoe shop. Next time you get a prank call, wonder if it’s really a fuel tank.