Hard Drive Password

I have a Toshiba 5205-S503 laptop that has been giving me problems of late. It has been periodically resetting itself and then required a few hours to ‘cool down’ before it would bootup again successfully. The computer is a little under 2 years old and I tend to leave it running 24/7. This time however it is asking me for “HD1Password:” after I turn it on. The problem is I never set one. Hitting enter does no good and I’ve tried all the know passwords I’ve had in the past 2 years, but to no avail. I’ve also tried to get into the BIOS or boot from a CD and I’m unable to do either. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


I’m unclear as to whether you are describing a BIOS password or a drive access password.

If a BIOS password

Ebay solution here

Do it yourself
If it’s just a HD access password all you need to do is to get the proper key sequence for getting into he BIOS and then reset ot turn n off the supervisior password feature.

Sorry for being unclear. When I power on the computer the Toshiba splash screen comes on. After 30 secs or so the little LCD on the front (Not the monitor) shows HD1Password= Any charecter I type in displays as * on the LCD. I am given 3 attempts at it before the computer turns off.