Hardy Fox, co-founder of The Residents, has died

The Residents music has been part of my life for over 35 years. I remember back in college discovering Eskimo and The Commercial Album. And Not Available. And The Mole Trilogy. I saw live the Cube-E show and Demons Dance Alone.

from Snakey Wake

Thank you Hardy Fox for making my life happier.

Brilliant composer. A genius whom few have heard of. Will listen to Not Available and Commercial Album this evening in honor of him.

RIP, oh Great Eyeball.


I guess that’s the end of my favorite band.

Thanks Hardy, you gave the world a lot. Gonna miss you.

That’s a shame.

One of the most memorable gigs I ever saw was The Mole Show.
I saw them again, after a break of decades, in London a couple of years ago and last month I bought tickets to see them return to Scotland and play Glasgow in March next year. Guess that might not happen now.

Fare thee well, Hardy.

It may still go on. I’m pretty sure Hardy hasn’t toured with the band for (at least) the last 10 years. Not sure who is participating in the tours. Am guessing Homer is still in it.

I listened to 30 minutes of Not Available on the way to work this morning. Even though I’ve probably listened to it over 300 times, I still heard things I had not noticed before. I consider it their masterpiece.

Last night I started reading an autobiography written by Hardy. It’s available for free on his website. I think he put it on there just a few days ago. I am 20 pages into it and so far it is quite… interesting.

The Residents have been a huge part of my life for 40 years now; this is sad news.

As for the shows, they’ll continue:

RIP Mr. Fox; you done good.

Well, I mis-remembered the month but the show did, and does, go on!
I saw them last night in a packed basement bar in Glasgow.
Great stuff!

And at the end, on the big balloon they project images onto during the gig, they left a picture of Hardy Fox.
Here’s my photo of it.

I am glad The Residents continue.

Thanks so much for posting this.

I watched Theory of Obscurity just last night (it’s on Amazon Prime), so it’s a nice kind of synchronicity eh.

Indeed. Truly, truly some of the greatest art I know and know of.