Residents Appreciation Thread

Not Available is IMHO the best Residents album ever. Very dark, very obscure. While I love all their albums, this one is just, I dunno, brilliantly weird.

And to think I was seven years old when it was put out…

What’s your fav Residents Album?


Not a Residents fan. But did you see the Greenpeace whaling protests? Big eyeball heads on the protesters. After visiting their site, I had to look for the Residents on the internet.


Actually, I like The Commercial Album best, but most of their stuff I’ve heard is really good. Where can I get the full version of Fur Elise, I love their take of it on the extracts and concentrates thing [sub]which I forget the name of and I’m at work so I can’t just grab the CD.[sub]

“But a sentence existing inside of a rhyme
Is only just a token left spoken in time”

Yes, “Not Available” is weirdly brilliant, or brilliantly weird, or…?

I am always glad to find another Residents fan.

My favorite release by them is the first, “Meet the Residents”, an obvious jab at The Beatles’ first release.
On the cover, hey posed in a similar manner as The Beatles,
except of course for the eyeballs.

Meet the Residents is a very cool album. The only problem is that I’ve heard it so many times that the magic has sort of worn off. I love the piano stuff…

Another album I really like is Mark of the Mole, which is probably the most “ghostly and eerie” of their albums. It was also the album that first turned me on to them.

Does anyone have Eskimo? That’s the only classic album I don’t have.

Commercial album is a very “fun” album IMO. No creepy nightmarish stuff, just hilarious tunes! The songs are ingenious, and should be required listening by anyone who wants to be a songwriter. (I’m serious!) On the CD are some extra tunes that are really great, such as “Song For TV Show” (or something like that).

From The Commercial Album:

“hour by hour
day by day
Love leaks out
And goes away”

A former UWEB member here (Uncle Willie’s Eyeball Buddies). The Residents are extraordinary. I have been a huge fan of this band for 20 years, from Santa Dog to Roadworms.

While I love the Residents lyrics, I have a special fondness for their cover songs. IMHO Goosebumps is one of the most brilliant recordings of all time. Not only are these re-workings of Mother Goose rhymes chilling and beautiful, but the inspired idea of playing all the musics on instruments purchased at Toys 'R Us is perfectly carried out.

The Residents changed the way I listen to music. I currently do a 5 hour radio show every Wednesday night here in Charlottesville on the local college radio station, and I always try to play at least one of their tunes.

“If you like to pretend that you’ll never get old,
You got what it takes to ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.”

from *Gingerbread Man *

Hmmm – a thread where someone might actually know from whence I derived my user name, if they also followed all the tangents.

Yes, Not Available is the best. I have to admit that I haven’t bought anything past “The Big Bubble”. A deficiency that I’ll have to correct. I’ve seen them in concert twice – The Mole Show in Washington DC was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended.

I have lost track of the Residents of late…are they up to anything, or have they disbanded for good?
Also, does anyone remember when Snakefinger died?
One more thing…does anyone have anything by Renaldo and the Loaf? Were members of the Residents in this band?

Renaldo and the Loaf worked with the Residents on Ralph Records in the late 1970s early 1980’s. Songs for Swinging Larvae is a wonderful example of Renaldo’s work from that time. The songs are manic and perhaps even more bizarre than those of the Residents. The Residents and Renaldo had one collaborative effort entitled Title in Limbo which has never to my knowledge been released on CD. (However, some songs from that LP are available as “bonus tracts” on certain Residents CD’s)

Renaldo’s song “Hambu Ho Do” is a masterpiece. The title purportedly comes from a sign on a discarded hotdog stand. All the lyrics to this work also seem to be missing letters so that repeated listenings allow one to catch (or guess at) bits and pieces of the intended words. This is Pure Heaven for a puzzle fan.

One last note: If you ever get a chance to see the absolutely weird and wonderful video work the Residents and Renaldo did together, don’t miss the opportunity. I believe these are still available from some sources, but I’m not 100% sure.

There is a DVD of those videos out. It’s very cool, with a new music track as well as the original versions. Everything from Third Reich And Roll to Wormwood is represented* along with Vileness Fats and Songs for Swinging Larvae.

Crafter Man I don’t have Not Available, the darker stuff of theirs I have is *Gingerbread Man, Wormwood,*and God in 3 Persons which was a tad too dark for my taste. So is Not Available closer to Gingerbread Man or God in 3 Persons?

I picked up “Third Reich and Roll” on vinyl just because of the weird cover art (especially Dick Clark holding a carrot. Great stuff.

They also appeared as themselves in a Matt Howarth comic, I think featuring the Bulldaggers. (Howarth is a Philadelphia-area artist whose heavily into various forms of electornica music and features artists in his books. He turned me on to Yello, Wire and Conrad Schnitzler when my tastes were strictly radio-driven.)

Don’t forget the great cover songs the Residents have produced. A personal favorite is their original interpretations of the Hank Williams Sr canon in Stars and Hank Forever (finally re-released on CD).

You beat me to it. “Icky Flix”. My birthday present from last year. Do not try to live without it. Surely they are as much a visual band as aural, how can you not have the videos? How can you not have the KKK hooded “Third Reich and Roll”? How can you not see Skinny of “Hello Skinny”? How can you not wonder about what visuals they finally came up with for “Constaninople”?

And “Songs for Swinging Larvae” is enough reason by itself.

And the animation for the stuff from “Freak Show”. (I also recomennd “Freak Show” the DVD)

So my album recommendation is the DVD “Icky Flix”.

I’ve always been partial to Diskomo, however this may be the thread to brag that the crown jewel of my Residents collection is an autographed copy of Mark Of The Mole on brown vinyl.

Songs for Swinging Larvae is without-a-doubt the strangest album in my repertoire. It’s less mainstream than any Residents album IMO, and that’s saying a lot. I find the music interesting, though I could do without the annoying singing. My CD version of Not Available contains six songs from Title in Limbo. Again, interesting stuff, but not exactly to my taste.

I have a VHS of their music videos. I love the Residents videos, particularly the 1-minute vids of Commercial Album songs. And their video of Swastikas on Parade (Land of 1000 Dances?) has just got to be seen. But Renaldo’s video (of Spratt’s Medium) is so disturbing that I have trouble watching it. I also have Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats on VHS. Now that’s bizarre sh*t!

I don’t have Gingerbread Man , but I do have God in 3 Persons. I guess I never really considered Gi3P to be “dark/eerie” stuff.

Actually, I consider their “darkest/ghostliest” album to be Mark of the Mole. Great stuff. I also believe MotM was the first Residents album to get “rave reviews” from the (dreaded) music critics. (Not that I care…)

Which station, and is it available on the web for listening?

WTJU --91.1 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I’ve been doing The Hep Imp Show since May. (“Experimental Music” at its finest!) It can be heard from 1am to 6am every Thursday Morning. Unfortunately, we’re not on the web yet, though I understand plans are in the works.

Not many stations doing things like that anymore, Biotop. It sounds exciting. Let me know when the webcast is up and running…I’d love to listen.