Harris calling foreign leaders

It’s not a big thing but this makes me think Biden won’t run again. So far called Canada and France leaders

Unless Kamala Harris called foreign leaders and Joe Biden did not, I really doubt you can read too much into this. And they were sworn in almost four weeks ago. I suspect he’s already spoken to most foreign leaders already.

He has not called the PM of Israel yet. I think that is significant. New presidents normally take their first foreign trip to Canada so he might follow that tradition.

Especially considering that Biden himself in his first year as Obama’s VP did a ton of foreign-policy-related travel. He seems to be deliberately modeling the VP role in his administration on his own role in Obama’s administration.

We voted for her, too. Let’s give her meaningful work to do; there’s plenty of it to go around after four years of neglect and abuse.

Yeah and especially after her predecessor was a nodding head for four years.

Biden already called Trudeau and Macron shortly after taking office. Both leaders released statements on their end. He’s meeting Trudeau next month.

One of the things I’ve noticed about the administration is the heads of agencies are seasoned picks who have worked during the Obama years and their deputies are younger more progressive minded people. This is most certainly a planned move.

Biden would get a very warm welcome in Canada, just like Obama did. Trump was only here for the G7, and even so managed to make an ass of himself and then insulted the Prime Minister.

Obama and Clinton first trip was to Canada. Bush Jr. was to Mexico and then to Canada.

Trump first trip to Saudi Arabia. And he only went to Canada as part of a summit.

Bush Sr. first trip to Canada. Reagan 1st to Mexico then Canada

I wouldn’t read too much into this either, at least not yet.

I’m assuming Biden is following the Obama model regarding the POTUS/VP relationship - as something of a partnership, with the VP taking some of the load off the President (and, gods know there’s enough for both of them to do) and being involved as much as possible in policy such that they are as ready as reasonably possible to step in should something befall the President.

I don’t know if Biden and Harris will be as personally close as Obama and Biden were, but I expect them to have a close working relationship. IMHO, it’s the smart way to operate.

Biden made the call Wednesday.

A good manager makes sure the second in command is trained. Given Biden’s age, this is particularly important. Smart move to start her foreign policy so early.

This is true. He was one of the more involved VPs, at least in my memory.

But considering how old Biden will be in 2024, I won’t be at all surprised if he doesn’t run again. That makes Harris the logical candidate, assuming no really stupid moves during her tenure.

It makes perfectly good sense to leverage one’s VP, if one has a competent VP hired for reasons other than shoring up electoral votes.

Also, contra what Republicans seem to believe, there’s nothing whatsoever unseemly about Biden grooming his VP for succession. The primary purpose the VP position exists is succession. Plus, he’s not a young man, and we know she’s interested in being President because she’s already run once.

If I had my druthers, I’d rather never hear about FLOTUS again. It’s not an elected position. VPOTUS should be doing all that stuff.

What are the Pubs saying?

That’s possible but he can’t say out loud that he won’t run in 2024, because then the race for the Democratic nomination starts immediately and he’s going to find it hard to do anything.

I’m curious – to what FLOTUS activities are you referring? Are there any which are important to the functioning of the government?

I don’t want to denigrate what the FLOTUS does – most seem to pick a worthy cause and they have brought considerable awareness and sometimes results to the cause. They also oversee social and ceremonial events at the White House. But championing a cause is not an essential activity, and overseeing events is something that could be done by a social secretary. I don’t think I want VPOTUS spending time on either activity.

If Biden does not run I think he will step down early in 2024 and let Harris run as the incumbent. That way he avoids a potential divisive primary fight. And he goes down as “appointing” first woman president. There may be a few Dem fringe people who run vs Harris but it won’t amount to anything. Someone like Tulsi Gabbard.

With nothing to base it on, I think Biden will resign shortly after Jan 20, 2023. That will maximize Harris’s time as incumbent while allowing her a theoretical run in both 2024 and 2028.

Frankly doing something like this would be worse than Biden finishing out his term and Harris running for president in 2024. It’ll look way too much like the Democrats appointing a president and I think that’ll turn some people off.

IMO divisive primaries aren’t really a huge liability. They weed out candidates who won’t be able to campaign in a national scale, and I think a lot of voters get to get their “fuck you” vote out of their system and vote for whoever ends up winning.

The incumbent advantage comes from being a legitimately elected president. Taking the position because Biden stepped down wouldn’t accomplish that at all. I highly doubt Biden will do this.

I’m not sure why the right seems obsessed with this idea (not saying this is you, but the right in general won’t shut up about Biden resigning).