Harrowing footage from riots in Manchester

The riots in London may be showing signs of winding down, but the linked footage proves that the lawless destruction is not over. WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE

Manchester Riots 2011: scenes from Whalley Range

I’m shocked youtube allows such graphic material on its site.

Absolutely sickening. They’ll stop at nothing. They have to get this under control NOW, or all of the UK is going to burn.

Sickening. Just sickening. How on earth did it come to this?

I saw this earlier today and now I giggle uncontrollably whenever I think about it, and laugh like a loon when I watch it. My sides hurt!

I was waiting for the violence, was starting to think the video was a gag. But then at the end…

We’re capable of truly remarkable things as a species - sending humankind to the moon, creating fine arts and poetry. And then this disgusting behavior at the other end of the spectrum. Truly appalling.

But thanks for sharing, Monkey with a Gun. (gosh that sounded weird, how can you thank someone named Monkey with a Gun and not have it sound weird? Just not use their name?)

Damn that is harsh. I hope that guy is ok.


Those Manky hoodlums will stop at nothing.

Jesus, it looks a lot worse on the footage on the news every night! Damned sensationalist media, blowing everything out of proportion!

Thank god there were no domestic animals around.


Oh, the humanity.

Such garbage!

Yeah but. That was rough.

hijack - A friend in Croydon (London suburb) watched thugs burn down the motorcycle repair shop that he had been going to for 30 years. The owner, in his 80s, isn’t going to rebuild and now three working-class mechanics are out of a job. If you are going to riot, please don’t pick on the people who are in the same boat as you. You hurt yourselves and your neighbors and don’t resolve a thing. /hijack.

Thanks. I needed to get that out.