Harry Chapin - son Josh - Cats in the Cradle inspiration

Never knew Cats in the Cradle was based on Harry’s son Josh.

Great interview here with Josh and Harry playing Dancing Boy. I don’t recall hearing this song before.
Sounds like Harry had a good father/son relationship. I still can’t believe he’s been dead over thirty years. Harry was only 38 when he died. Josh was only 9 when his dad passed away.

mr chapin said after his wife wrote cats in the cradle he always had one or more of his children with him when he toured.

it is a good thing he took that as seriously as he did with his early death in a car crash. thankfully his children do have memories of being on the road with him, and just plain being with him.

the living room suite had quite a few very strongly and pointed songs. flowers are red, and little girls are just amazing.