Harry Harrison Has Died

The Stainless Steel Rat series and the Eden series are some of the most enjoyable books I’ve ever read. Oddly, I’ve never read Make Room, Make Room or seen Soylent Green.

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One of the masters.

I also enjoyed Stars and Stripes Forever, an alternate history of the Civil War, in which Britain invaded the U.S.

I loved the SSR and the Eden series too. This sucks. “Make Room, Make Room!” was more interesting than the movie, and had nothing in it about Soylent Green but two small references.

Loved the Stainless Steel Rat. Bah.

Oh, we’re losing too many of the greats lately. I guess it was inevitable. :frowning:

The first few 'Stainless steel rat’s were great, (didn’t think that much of the series after “The Stainless Steel Rat saves the world”,) and I’m a huge fan of “Homeworld” and “Starworld”, from the ‘To the Stars’ trilogy. (The middle one was lackluster.)

Damn! I loved his Eden series, too, along with a ghreat many other works about teleportation, generation starships, and robots. He had a far-ranging mind, and it’s not really indicative that he be remembered solely for “Make Room! Make Room!” *
He also wrote an interesting historical novel about the building of Stonehenge, and the odd proto-Steampunk "A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!’
I liked the first couple of Stainless Steel Rat stories, and the send-up that was Bill, the Galactic Hero, but both series went on too long, and I lost interest. One work of his I haven’t read is Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers.

*I’ve read it. It’s depressing, but it’s meant to be. They completely changed it for the film, a topic on which Harrisomn has written, and his story is as engaging as any “I Hate How Hollywood Screwed Me Over” work by Harlan Ellison. Chuck Connors reportedly asked why they weren’t actually filming Harrison’s book, instead of the script that had been written. As has been noted many timesd on this Board, there’s bo cannibalism in the book, no Death Parlors, and “Soylent Green” is made of SOYbeans and LENTILS.

Thanks, CalMeacham. Now I really do want to read Make Room! Make Room! - though I have a somewhat lesser inclination to see the movie (the end of which is known anyway).

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Scalzi tells a touching story of his first meeting with Harrison, as a brand-new SFWA member, and also touches on Harrison’s being known only for Soylent Green with this:

One thing I like about Harrison is that a scene in the Danish film The Olsen Gang Sees Red (he lived in Denmark when the film was released) must have inspired him to use a similar plot in one of the Stainless Steel Rat books, IIRC A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born.

You know what’s neat, though? A lot of them got to SEE some of the innovations they were dreaming of, and lived long enough to realize that things were changing faster than anyone had ever thought possible.

Pretty damn cool.

This saddens me. :frowning: Loved his work!


Bill the Galactic Hero - great.

Every one of the sequels… eh, not so much.

I really liked the SSR series, and the Deathworld books.

I liked the SSR books, but my favorite is Deathworld III.

I loved Stainless Steel Rat (the first four books anyway), and “Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers;” also, Harrison’s creepy short story “I Always Do What Teddy Says” was one of the first SF stories I read.

Another great passes. On the up-side, the First Editions I got him to sign for me a few years ago just shot up in value (like I’d sell them).

I always thought that Steve Martin would have made a marvelous Slippery Jim.

In junior high I loved Deathworld.

I used to read all his work I could get my hands on; haven’t even heard of him in a long time though. RIP.

Ripozi en paco, Harry.