Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix

Please keep spoilers in spoiler boxes because I’m guessing there are other people like me who only buy the books in paperback.

First, does anyone know for sure if they are going to make a movie for every book? I really like the movies! I am sad about Dumbledore, though. :frowning:

Anyway, I read this book last week and I really liked it, but just wanted to say, really complain:

I think there should have been a scene of Percy Weasly apologizing profusely to both his parents and Harry. Also Fudge should have groveled a bit, too. They both made me flaming mad. :mad:
Does anyone else think Percy may go over to the dark side? (sorry, wrong series but you know what I mean). Bureacratic analness (is that even a word) is sometimes worse than downright evil!

Oh, and when you highlight this guy :mad: he looks like a mad fighting samurai.

Not sure if this needs to be a spoiler, but:

Percy is a big ol’ loser, but I’m hoping that he is secretly going undercover and it will be shown that he has been working for the greater good all along

Lord I hope not, Khadaji. One of the things that makes this series good is that evil is portrayed as being accessible to everyone - it is our choices that determine what side we’re on, not fate. He made bad choices, and the side he ended up on where a consequence of those choices. Retconning him back to the good side just smacks of the “Giant Reset Button” that Star Trek fans complain about. You can have him mend his ways, but dealing with the fallout of his bad decisions would make for a much better story than magically fixing it with “but he was working for Dumbledore all along”.

Seems to be an extra “h” in that post. Dammit.

Hi, Munch!

(I always feel particularly affectionate toward you because of the discussion we had over Rose Madder. Now watch, that wasn’t you and my head has fallen off).

I hadn’t thought of Percy working for Dumbledore but it doesn’t really seem to be leading up that way. Percy is a big ol’ doofus.

Oh and:

i can’t remember what the mean teacher’s name was, but really, Fudge thought this was an OK lady to send into a school full of teens? The whole book seemed to end suddenly, Sirius dying, everybody suddenly believing Harry, I was a little let down at the end.
I really hope Malfoy gets his comeuppance though. I hate that little twit.

From IMDb
[ul][li]Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)[/li][li]Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)[/li][li]Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)[/li][li]Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)[/li][li]Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)[/li][li]Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (2008)[/ul][/li]
Anyone else find it annoying how often people said things “bracingly” or did things “sleekly”?

Not worthy of a spoiler:

Dolores Umbridge was the Defense Againnst the Dark Arts teacher.

Moore worthy of a spoiler:

Cornelius Fudge had his own reasons for sending an incompetent teacher to take the position, as has been explained in the book. Ultimately, his goal was to prevent Albus Dumbedore from using his position at Hogwarts to undermine public confidence in his (Fudge’s) administration. He had deluded himself into believing that the threat to his position emanated, not from the newly-returned Voldemort (whom he was still refusing to believe was back), but from Dumbledore’s own lust for power and prestige.

I’m not going to bother with the spoiler tags, since this is all strictly speculation and opinion:

Percy is a twit. He’s been a twit since Book One. That doesn’t mean he’s going to turn evil. He’s had (and may still have, for all we know) a Muggle-born girlfriend, which means he’s not on Voldemort’s side ideologically, and now that Fudge has been forced to take his blinkers off and admit that the Dark Lord has returned, I expect Percy will follow suit.

I also think he’ll eventually reconcile with his family; he is fond of Ron and Ginny, in his own misguided twittish way, and probably of his parents and his other brothers as well. I’m afraid it’ll probably take something BIG to bring it about, though, most likely the death of a family member :frowning:

I’d like to see that twit Percy reconcile with his family, but I don’t want his actions to have been part of a “secretly working for the good side” thing. I’m in complete agreement with Munch’s recent post on that.

I suppose I want him to come back into the fold because I like Mrs. Weasley, and she’s feeling so bad about how Percy is acting. Geez, I must be a real geek, to care about the feelings of a fictional character. :stuck_out_tongue:

Percy is a complete tool. He will staunchly support

Whoever the new minister of magic is.

I have no cite, but I’m sure I read somewhere that Percy was not working secretly for Dumbledore.

One of the interesting things about Percy, Fudge and the MoM, is that while they aren’t the “good guys” they certainly aren’t the “evil guys” either. They are just the guys with their heads in the sand.

I hope Percy reconciles with his family. He would certainly be stupid not to. A great big helping of humble pie for a guy like Percy might just be too hard to take though. I guess we’ll find out, hopefully, soon.