Harry Potter is EVIL!

Ok, so as some of you may know from the other Harry Potter thread, I work in a bookstore (independent, none of those chains).

I was working at the front desk Tuesday after the release. Group of people comes in the door. Guy is holding two Harry Potters. He puts them on the counter and says he’d like to return them. I asked for and got the receipt and I asked why he was returning them. At this point the lady next to him breaks in and says loudly and vehemently “because it’s evil and it’s not going to be in MY house.” Apparently her husband bought it and didn’t realize this.

Well hm. That’s fine with me. If you’re belief system is threatened by it, if you think it’s a bad influence and all, then that’s your perogative, I don’t have a problem with you returning the books. So I ring in the return and tell her that our policy is to give store credit back for returns. She flips. “I’m a christian and this evil is not going to be in my house! I don’t want credit I want the cash back.”

So I handed it off to the manager, more than happy to. Manager points to the sign displayed fairly prominently on the counter saying that our policy is with a receipt you get store credit (in some circumstances you get your money back, but it either has to be a credit card or a really special circumstance, like a defective book or somesuch).

Manager looks at the receipt. Lady’s husband paid with a check. Yesterday. Hmm. Manager tells her that the check hasn’t cleared yet and we can’t refund her since we haven’t really even cashed the check since it hasn’t cleared. Lady demands to talk to someone higher up.

I go get the owner, who is more than happy to deal with it. Owner tells her that we can’t give cash back since check hasn’t cleared same stuff. Lady starts saying it isn’t even her check or her books, her husband did and and blah blah blah. So owner tells her maybe it’s not her problem then. Either she takes the credit, she waits, or she gives the book away. Lady is adamant that she’s “never bought anything here and doesn’t plan to” and “not going to give this evil to anyone!”

She threatens to call her lawyer and owner says she’d be more than happy to talk to her lawyer (another issue was the return policy was not written on the receipt, though it was at the counter).

Eventually owner just had to ask her to leave, and when she wouldn’t, threatened to call the police.

A couple minutes later her friends came back in, said she was cooling off outside (on the phone to who knows who) and took the credit from the books.

I’m a fairly tolerant person here. I mean, she has every right to believe whatever she wants, but what the hell?! What is it that makes people act like this? Was she just mad at her husband for buying them and taking it out on us? Did she need the cash and figure this was a way to get it? I mean why do people think they can treat people this way?

Well, this is a common scam (write a check for an item, then bring the item for a cash refund before the check bounces), soo the outraged Christian bit may well be an act.

Or she could just be another fundamentalist troglodyte.

This is very easy. She thinks she can treat people like scum when her preacher told her what to think. It is especially prevalent with things that are even minorly related to the occult. It’s that brainwash the masses and related hoo ha.

Either way, I am so glad I am not her husband. shudder

What a shame. Evil makes such a nice gift. It says “I was thinking of you”.

I’m inclined to agree with gobear that it was a scam. Either that or she was just a crazy bitch.

A few years ago I was working as a reading tutor in an elementary school and I was reading the first Harry Potter out loud to a class of fifth graders every day. The kids were really into it and enjoying it but then one psycho mother complained and the administration asked me to stop. I was pissed and the kids were pissed but i didn’t have a choice. A lot of the kids finished the book on their own (Which I and other teachers encouraged quite a bit).

The ironic thing about the bitch who complained about this was that her son came to school with black eyes and bruises every couple of weeks. Listening to Harry Potter was going to do him unspeakable harm but beating the shit out him was perfectly healthy…:rolleyes:

Harry Potter is evil. Every one knows Draco is the cool one.

Dio, I hope that lady was reported to Children’s Services.

I talked to the administrator about it (I told her that if the school didn’t call CPS that I would do it) and was told that CPS had been called but that they didn’t have any hard evidence (no witnesses, no dad, the lady always had a story about falling down stairs or something, the kid would clam up when anyone tried to question him). I think they were trying to force her into counselling and parenting classes but I didn’t hear too many details. I was just told that CPS was “aware” of the situation and that they were working on it. I think it takes quite a bit to remove a kid from a household, though, and they need some hardcore proof.

I wouldn’t put it past her being legitimately nutty, either, having lived in a Very Christian town for six years. There were a LOT of people who were outraged about Harry Potter. I keep wondering what these people would make of Narnia?

How about some HP/Draco slash?

gobear, I and all of my family are troglodytes, and I am offended by your use of it in a pejorative sense.

Wonder no more:

Umm, why this satire when I’m not one of the offenderati?

Anyhoo, there aren’t many caves in Baton Rouge (my momma lives in LaPlace), so I don’t think you fit the literal definition; however, I’ll be glad to link to this thread the next time we butt heads in GD. :smiley:

It had to be a scam, had to. I simply do not want to accept such idiocy from my fellow human…Perhaps after I eat lunch I will change my mind and feel that this was an act of a complete halfwit. I’m having a turkey and ham sandwich, so odds are good that I’ll change my mind…


Here you go. http://www.balaams-ass.com/journal/homemake/lewisale.htm

(sorry about this)

Un-freakin-beleivable.! C.S. Lewis was not a drunkard, although his brother Warnie was. And calling him a devil worshipper? The guy was an evangelical Christian who wrote many books on Christian apologetics, including Miracles, Mere Christianity, and The Great Divorce.

Why are fundies so fucking stupid, not to mention liars and frauds?

Nah, I think you’re wrong, gobear. Consider this: The linked page clearly outlines shadowy, sinister aspects of Lews, such as:

How can you maitain your doubt in the face of such overwealming evidence? Additionaly, this site provides links to a great many other pages proving that C.S. Lewis was evil incarnate, caused the stock market crash of 1929 and personaly crucified Our One True Lord Jesus Christ. I hope they take PayPal, however, because the site also warns:

Quite a bargain, my friend. Quite. A. Bargain.

Well, you know that you can’t spell fundamental without the word mental.

What I want to know is how they ended up with two copies of HP, when I haven’t been able to get my hands on even one yet. I admit, I haven’t tried too terribly hard, but the two times I was in Texarkana and went into the Books-A-Million there, they were completely sold out.

I did manage to get my hands on Dragon issue #309 which had my article in it. Super cool!

Not all, young man.
I am a fundie, yet I am now interested in reading the latest Potter book (I am surprised its still in the stores and 30% off!) I’d thought it was so popular it would be all sold out.
I will wait (because of finances) to check it out at the local library.
May take a while though, probably a waiting list.

I love to read; don’t care for fiction, but it seems like a nice summer book.
My son says he’s just not interested in it.
His choice.