Harry Potter lives in our past?

Yes, I’ve finally jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon, and have nearly finished the second book. One thing I didnt realize though was that, while the second book was published in 1998, it in fact takes place in 1992. This is evident, due to the fact that the invitation to the Deathday party clearly mentions that they are celebrating the 500th anniversary of Nearly-Headless Nick’s death on Halloween 1492.

So the obvious question is, will the movie version of the first book update the adventure to be 2001, or will they go for a more period look, say, vintage 1991…

It never says in the books what year it is supposed to be. However, in the fourth book, it is mentioned that Harry’s cousin Dudley owns a Playstation. I don’t know exactly what year the Playstation came out, but I’m pretty sure it was after 1992.

Playstation came out in 1995. http://net4tv.com/voice/story.cfm?storyid=3409

But that would fit with a school year covering 1992 for the second book - the fourth book is two years later as it happens during their fourth year at school. If death day was hallowe’en in 1992, the school year then was 1992-93 2nd year, 93-94 third year (3rd book) & 94-95 for fourth year (& book). Dudley would have only had the newest, shiniest things going & would have got bored fast, so 95 would be right for then (without the book in front of me, I can’t tell which part of the school year he had it in though, sorry).

Alzarian, I doubt that it matters whether they update things - British train stations don’t change all that much, the train is a steam engine so is automatically antiquated and jars against busy muggle train stations with modern trains and if you found a wizardly castle/school tomorrow, it would look odd in modern Britain, whether you found it in 1991 (start of first book by this timeline) or 2001. The inside of that will be totally unconnected to muggle mainstream society.

But perhaps all the muggles could wear vintage 1992 fashions and go around humming the strains of contemporary music like 2Unlimited and Color Me Badd.

Great, now I;ve got the 2Unlimited song “No Limits” playing in my head.

No, No, No No No No, No No No No, There’s no limits

Going by the tidbits of information Rowling drops in the first two books, Harry Potter was born on July 31, 1980 – the same day as BrotherPorpentine, who is, of course, now a college senior.

Not that this is relevant or anything, I just thought it was very cool when I found out.