Harry Potter Q's (speculation/spoilers)

I’m re-reading the series from 1-5, and a few questions have begun to niggle at me:

How do Hermione (and other wizards of Muggle parentage) figure out how to get to Diagon Alley for their first year’s supplies? Hagrid shows Harry, of course, but none of the other students appear to be escorted. In Book 2, Hermione’s parents accompany her to Diagon Alley, which would seem to run counter to what we’ve learned about shielding Muggles from the existence of magic. Do Muggle parents of wizards get some sort of exception?

What kind of schooling do wizard children undergo before they’re admitted to Hogwarts? They clearly arrive knowing how to read and write, so they must have some kind of training beforehand. It’s also clear that they haven’t gone to Muggle schools as they’re unfamiliar with things like telephones and soccer. And if there are wizard elementary schools, why don’t all wizards (including Harry and Hermione) attend them from the get-go?

These questions, among others, are swirling around in my head…

i read an interview with JK Rowling, where she stated that wizard children do NOT go to school before hogwarts…however, this leaves me with the question as to how they learned how to read…i can’t exactly picture lucius or narcissa malfoy sitting down patiently to teach little draco his letters

anybody have any speculations as to what’s going to happen in books 6 and 7?

Im guessing Kids who are born into wizard families just learn stuff as it comes along, because where on earth would they have gone to school.
Kids like Hermione however Im assuming went to normal school because there parents would have had no clue she was different.
About entering Diagon Alley, maybe those families get told how to do so in there letters, and maybe the reason Hagrid escorted Harry was because Dumbledore or whoever knew he probably shouldnt be in the the Wizard world on his own for the first time considering who he was.

Obviously all of the above is complete speculation, but it kind of makes sence in a weird sort of way, but maybe only to me.

As for when Book 6 is out, havent a clue, hopefully it wont be in five years time :rolleyes: