Harry Potter Sucks

(Make sure to check the spelling of that Hairy Potter movie before you bring it home for “Family Night”.)

Everytime I see a picture of that kid that plays Harry Potter I want to put my hands around his scrawny little neck an squeeze and squeeze until his beady little wizard eyes pop out of his oversized head. I’ve never read any of the books but ever since that effing film was made I haven’t been able to get away from that overhyped little turd burglar. Little bastard… we shoud burn him at the stake!
Warm regards,

“Can I get cheese on that?”

Harry Potter: Uh, hullo.
Britney Spears: Ohmigod. Are you British? I love British accents! You know, I email Prince William sometimes.
Harry Potter: That muggle? I mean, that’s great.
Britney Spears: I love your outfit! You look like a wizard or something. (squeezes Harry Potter’s cheek)
Harry Potter: Back, foul succubus!
Britney Spears: What?
Harry Potter: Oh sorry.
Britney Spears:Whatever. Oh, that’s a great fake lightningbolt you’ve got tatooed on your forehead.
Harry Potter: It’s not fake! Absolutely no part of me is fake.
Britney Spears:Yeah, me neither. (winks)
Harry Potter:Well, are you a muggle or not?
Britney Spears: A muggle?
Harry Potter: You know, can you do any magic?
Britney Spears: Hmm. Well, I did manage to transform my mediocre singing talent into a chart-topping pop-music sensation! Look, now I’m just a girl…now, I’m a whole industry! Now I’m a whore.

Wow. Someone has issues to resolve here. Bitter, aren’t we? :wink: I feel the same way about that Urkle kid, but luckily Urkle has been away for six or seven years now.

I have to admit after seeing the movie there is something about that weird little wizard that makes me want to wallop his ass.

Don’t worry, Parisx there will be other auditions. Just don’t give up.

They wanted me for Harry Potter, but I wouldn’t cut my hair. Or my legs … I’m too damn tall:(

Parisxyz, if I’da known, I would have put in a good word to the nice men in white coats.

The movie was so weird.

Harry was like an obstinant loaf of bread.

That little girl looked hot.

I just wanted to smack that little Weasly kid around.

And I just want to stomp that little smarmy kid.

Why did the little girl look hot?

Since I want to respond to the OP with a flaming retort, this probably should go in the Pit.

I have a difficult time getting upset about anything that gets kids reading, but when I was moseying thru WalMart and saw Harry Potter throw pillows, then Harry Potter Toothpaste, well, it’s just gotten out of hand!

I’m so glad my kid isn’t into the whole HP thing…

I think the book is just great… sorry…!

You have a lot of animosity towards Harry Potter.


Hey…I -like- Harry Potter!

Merchandising aside…the books have engaged me in a way that no child’s book has since I first read Roald Dahl…and I found the movie to be quite entertaining.

Oh dear god! That is so wrong! Wrongwrongwrongwrongwrong!

I did not just read that. No sir, no sir. I did not just read that.

Ok, it’s ok.


Ahhh… Harry is suffering from “The Land Before Time” syndrome… I hate TLBT, despite having never seen it, because I got sick of it being rammed down my throat.

It’s hard to love Disney and hate hype. I’m afraid I’ve had to let go of my distaste for the latter in order to keep enjoying the former. I’ve been put in the same position by WB over Harry Potter - love the books, hate the marketing. But I’ll go see the movie and pretend you can’t buy Harry Potter branded everything.

Hermione - hot? Aside from being just a little girl (shame on you), she’s got that dreadful scruffy hair. Pretty little thing, yes, but bad hair and pre-teen don’t make for hot.

The thing about that blasted Harry Potter, in the film (not the books), is that he’s not a kid.

He’s like an adult. Always doing the right thing, never acting LIKE a kid, or goofing off. He always makes the right choices and he’s never sorry for doing something wrong. When he’s scolded it’s for something not his fault. It’s as if Mr. Potter can do no wrong.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. It’s just, if kids his age REALLY got hold of magic, there’d be a TON of pranks, teasing, bullying and whatnot going on. Instead we’re treated to college level pap (hell, there were even more pranks in college…and here we’re talking about middle school!!)

Anyway, that’s my take on it. Harry had more fun in the books, but in the movie he’s just another adult in kid’s clothing. He doesn’t even smile, or laugh, that much. Too serious…all the making of a kid who’ll bring a gun to class. But in Harry’s case he’ll bring a loaded wand and hold the entire class hostage until he kills the teacher, and a couple of quiditch jocks who used to tease him.

Perhaps things will get better in the sequel, when Harry starts to get hairy in the groin…as in the books, he should be taking some interest in girls soon. But I suspect he’ll still be the “mature kid” about it. He’ll probably wear protection, and instead of getting her drunk and taking a stab at the poor wench, he’ll be the weenie and keep asking if it’s okay to touch her there.

Jet Black

i still want to see “harry potter 6; harry finds a drug connection and starts tabbing ecstasy.”

Harry who?