Harry Potter- word "Riddle"- UNBOXED SPOILERS

I’ll say it one more time-

Unboxed Spoilers
so if you haven’t read all of the books, turn back.

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So, we know that I Am Lord Voldemort is an anagram of Tom Marvolo Riddle.
Many of the same letters of Voldemort are found in James Potter and we don’t know what James Potter’s middle name is.

Note the similarity of the word constructions Potter and Riddle- both are nouns with meanings other than as surnames, both have double repeated consonant in the middle, and in Greek the sound “r” (rho) is symbolized with a “P”.

Harry is always said to resemble his father. He is also said to resemble Voldemort.

Is James Potter somehow an incarnation of Voldemort, and is “potter” significant (i.e. “made from earth”, etc.)?

Also, while “R” is written as “P” in Greek, the vowel “o” can be sounded as a short “i”, as in “women”. D and T are similar, and to the Japanese the letter “r” can be pronounced as an “l”, and some of the remaining letters in James Potter’s name spell "Jap’ and ‘ese’, so

Alright, so the above paragraph doesn’t work, but the rest… do you think there’s an anagram of Harry’s father’s name? Or a significance to the name Voldemort (which could be a rearrangement of Love’d’Mort— love of death…

Okay, it’s late and this probably sounds less insightful when I’m not really tired. But I still think James Potter might me an anagram for “something” Voldemort, especially since there apparently are no other Potters.

Dumbledore and Hagrid are the only two characters I can think of who knew both James Potter AND Tom Riddle, and Hagrid’s a bit dense. Some connection there.

A bit of free association. :wink:

The letters in James Potter that aren’t included in Voldemort spell “Past”… could his name (with the middle name) include “Past Voldemort” when rearranged (and how would the J & E figure… the middle name would be something odd (like “Jevold” or whatever), but then “Marvolo” isn’t exactly on par with Michael or Gary, so…).

Just a semantic freebasing.

Well, let’s see. In order to be able to spell “Voldemort,” James Potter’s middle name would have to include the following letters at a minimum:

V l d o

Have fun with that.

I’ve got it! His name is James Voldemort Potter! :smiley:

Nust to nip a little speculation in the bud, I am certain that J.K Rawling has publicly stated that Voldy is most definatly NOT Harrys dad. Gonna go check…


Go to rumors page two She says…

She goes on to mention that Harry is indeed James son, and that Dumbledore has already stated that Voldie is the last remaining decendant of Salazr Slythrin. If Harry were Voldies son, then Voldy wouldn’t be the LAST decendant, would he?
Also, thanks to this, I have returned to J.K.s website, which I haven’t been to in some time. Forgot how fun it is.

There are connections between the two, but not a simple paternal lineage.

They came from very similiar backgrounds (misreable and borderline abusive muggle homes), but since then, Harry has made all the right choices where Voldemort has made the wrong ones. Harry could have (and still could, if he really buckled down and dedicated himself to evil) turn out a second Voldemort.

Also, they exchanged something when Voldemort blasted Harry. Harry got a little Voldemort, and Voldemort a little Harry.

Oh, mY Gord!

James is the true identity of Voldo!

How do you know? We haven’t seen Voldemort with his shirt off! :smiley:

Well… Vladomir? Heh

I don’t think that James Potter is Voldemort, just that there’s some connection (or he may carry a piece of Voldemort in him) that explains the James/Harry/Voldemort resemblance and why Harry didn’t die.

Hmm. You haven’t been paying attention, have you Sampiro? The reason Harry did not die was because the love of his mother protected him from Voldemorts spell. But the protection didn’t leave Harry unscathed. He got the scar, and also absorbed enough of Voldemorts essence via the attack to have picked up parseltounge and to be able to sense (by pain in the scar) when Voldemort is close. I beleve most of this is covered in the second and third books, but I don’t have them at hand at the moment to be sure. The big reason that it’s Harry that is Voldies nemisis is that Voldie unwittingly chose him himself, by attacking Harry in his mothers arms. I think the last book spelled out pretty clearly that it could have easly been Nevile Longbottom, instead, that would have been the hero had only Voldemort gone after his parents instead of sending his minions after them.

You made me snort so loudly it hurt!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Actually I made a typo: it should have read “why Voldemort didn’t die” rather than “why Harry didn’t die”. It’s based on what Rowling says is extremely important.

Too, too evil. shudders If you want to see something way, way more frightening than He Who Must Not Be Named, google the Voldo dance video.

What I want to know about Harry Potter is why Hogwarts continues to allow an entire house to be Evil in School. Sort of seems to be asking for trouble, but then I’m not a witch/wizard, so I guess I don’t know all the political ins and outs.

I have no comments on the OP but I just want to write that I’ve ordered the new HP book via Amazon . . . and didn’t pay a penny out of pocket for it!

I have some online Amazon gift certificates that I’ve earned from filling out all kinds of surveys. :slight_smile:

If Harry didn’t die because his mother loved him, would it follow that Voldemort didn’t die from the rebounded curse because someone out there loves him? I can’t even imagine who that would be though. Maybe someone who loves Tom Riddle rather than Voldemort?

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I firmly stand by the belief that no all Slytherins are evil. Rowling only gives us glimpses of certain students (Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, Millicent Bulstrode, Pansy Parkinson et al), and just sort of lumps the rest of the house together in a generic group. How do we know that there aren’t some really great Slytherins out there?