Harry Reid is a dirty liar


I’ve never understood how Democrats can have this prick as their Senate leader. Dirtiest guy in the Senate.

He lied about Romney’s tax returns, and not two days after making false accusations against Trump and the FBI regarding Russia, the FBI finds no ties between Trump and Russia.

My theory is that it’s a subtle yet elaborate trolling of the average House Republican Tea Party member. But it’s good to know that you expect a Democrat to hold higher standards of truth than a significant number of the House of Representatives.

Reid goes just a bit farther than your average politician of any party.

Reid is right - Putin is obviously pulling the strings in this election.

From the NYT article:

So, the investigation is ongoing. Why hasn’t the director of the FBI made some public announcements on this dangerous situation? Trying to disrupt the election–even if the FBI don’t currently think Trump is the beneficiary–is worth discussing. In fact, worth shouting from the rooftops.

Why aren’t we hearing details on how no “conclusive” or “direct” links have been found between Trump & Russia–“so far”? Is merely flirting with treason OK?

Reid could be right about that, but he actually said the FBI was sitting on bombshell information that they wouldn’t reveal, yet they would talk about Clinton. Reid wasn’t trying to troll republicans. he was trying to sow doubts about the impartiality of the FBI. How is that any better than what Trump’s been doing in regards to the election?

What was his actual statement about Trump and Russia? Did it have the same scope as the FBI’s statement? The FBI’s statement would necessarily be restricted to legally-actionable ties, but Reid’s statement could encompass links like Trump admiring Putin, or Putin hoping that Trump wins.

If we looked at some fact checking website and compared Reid’s statements to a group of Tea Party Republicans (e.g., put together the evaluated statement of King, Cruz, Gohmert, etc), who do you think would come out as more truthful? I haven’t looked, but I’d bet you that those Tea Party types are much worse in terms of conspiracy theories, misstatements, lies, and so on.

I’m not saying this as a defense of Reid’s tendency to go totally overboard with some things he says. I’m saying that I bet that the Tea Party types are probably much worse than him.

And I’m not even getting into talking about Trump, who seems to be allergic to facts.

Haven’t candidates in the past been brought down because of a single “Russian” donor or the like? But here’s a guy whose business interests are intertwined with the New Motherland and who is spouting the Russian line on US politics like a streetcorner commie in the 1950s… and it doesn’t even faze his followers?

It is worse than that. Putin has been openly threatening Nuclear War on the USA if Hillary Clinton is elected.

There’s a difference between a foreign power taking a stand (the US certainly hasn’t remained mum about many elections in other lands), and a US candidate parroting the foreign power’s propaganda, after having lengthy business ties with that country.

The fact that Trump likes Putin is not debateable. The idea that there is actual illegality going on, and that the FBI has evidence of such illegality but won’t reveal it, was so egregrious that Reid’s pants should really be on fire right now.

This is not like an irresponsible Republican making wild accusations against Clinton. “She killed Vince Foster!” This is claiming that the country’s top law enforcement officials KNOW she killed Vince Foster but aren’t revealing it. He’s slandered not just Trump, but also the FBI itself.

I missed this - did you have a cite? Especially the “openly” part.


If liberals actually thought he meant it they’d be rushing to appease him by voting for Trump.

I was gonna ask a cite for that, too. The one I heard was Vladimir Zhirinovsky saying that, not Putin.

You don’t even need to go to Tea Party Republicans, just his counterpart in the Senate, Mr. Senator Turtle. “We did a dumb thing, and Obama vetoed it while explaining why it was a dumb thing. We overrode his veto anyway, then realized we did a dumb thing. OBAMA’S FAULT!”

I mean, yeah, Reid’s a jackass, but have you paid ANY attention to the asshattery he’s been working against?

Hence the leadership role.

That came from Jon Huntsman’s father. Here’s what he actually said, not that you actually care about lying:

What is this with Republicans not wanting anyone to see their tax returns?

You merely *hope *they’re false. Enough facts regarding Manafort have already come out that an honest person would not have said what you just have.

Already debunked.

In conclusion: **adaher **is a dirty liar.

Interesting (not really) how all this ONCE AGAIN is strictly along party lines.

I don’t give a shit if Clinton’s aide somehow has emails involving Weiner (and his wiener again) and whoever else. I’m sick of the email non-issue (the FBI ruled it a non-issue already). Just like I’m sick of the Benghazi horse shit.

I want to know about Trump’s ties to Russia, and the connection between Trump Tower and Alfa bank of Russia. And I want to know why he has his tongue so far up Putin’s ass.

As for the “vote for Trump or go to war” …


… or a prattle-slip Pro-Trumpkin? One who may have doubts about what has been sent down from Command…?