Harry Shearer was in Abbott and Costello Go to Mars

And I’m watching *MacArthur *on TCM (not all that good; has a couple moments). There was just a shot of news footage of MacArthur’s return to the US; the announcer was voiced by Harry Shearer, I have absolutely no doubt of it. But it’s not in his IMDb credits. Anyone know of another way to confirm it, so I can submit a correction to IMDb?

Why don’t you e-mail Harry and ask him?


So, Pia Zadora was in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians .

I think you’re confused. Why would they have a 10-year-old providing the voice for a news announcer?

Don’t mind me, I originally read that as the MacArthur clip being in Abbott & Costello. I’ll just go now.

Okay, now I’m confused. Why would a person born in 1943 be 10 in 1977? :stuck_out_tongue:

Harry Shearer does A LOT of voice work, so it’s entirely possible he did the voice of the news announcer in MacArthur.

He said yes, that was him. Now I’ll submit a correction IMDb which they can’t ignore! I submitted one once before, that was open to interpretation (by others; not by me :wink: ) and it was resoundingly ignored.

Who’s your daddy NAOW, I say to IMDb.

Wow I feel I may be the victim of a giant “woosh” here - but I must know.
What does “Abbott and Costello Go To Mars” have to do with “MacArthur” OR Harry Shearer? Yes, I noticed that the voice of one of the actor’s was being dubbed but I couldn’t place whose voice it was. Okay so the dubbed voice was Harry Shearer’s.
And that has what to do with “Abbot & Cotello, etc”?

Speaking of American generals who have had movies made about them with an actor whose voice is being dubbed by someone else, in the movie “Patton” one of the reporter’s voices is being dubbed by Paul “THE VOICE” Frees. I don’t even know if the IMDB has that or not. It doesn’t matter. If you are familiar with Paul Frees you know that voice is unmistakable.