Celebrity voices in unlikely places

In the thread about Robert Redford retiring, poster Blondbear mentioned Redford’s voice is heard on the tourist radio at Arches national park, which I thought was kind of cool.

So rather than hijack that thread, I thought I would start a new one to list the unexpected places you have encountered celebrity voices.

My offering: John Stamos narrates the self-guided tour of Graceland

I fly to Birmingham, Alabama regularly, as that’s where my clients are located. At Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, the prerecorded PA announcements (such as reminders to report suspicious / unattended baggage to TSA) are done by Morgan Freeman.

Hearing T.J. Miller’s voice on “Dragons:Race To The Edge” sounds so wrong to me.

for a long time NC native and CBS newsman Charles Kuralt was the narrator of a video you saw when you were picked for jury duty in NC.

That is awesome! And made me remember that Nashville’s airport has various country music singers welcoming you to Music City on the PA.

I was very surprised to hear Stephen Merchant as the main voice of Wheatley in Portal 2.

Worked really well though.

Quite a coincidence that I now see this thread. I was recently wondering who voiced the DJ on Raider Radio in Fallout 4. Turns out it’s Andrew W.K. He’s semi-famous for that song “Let’s Get A Party Started”.


Lynda Carter is in the game, too, as Magnolia.

I was looking at the credits for Jonny Quest and it features Tim Mathiesson and Johnny Carson.

I was surprised to hear Richard Kiley doing the narration on the Jurassic Park tour. Apparently they spared no expense.

I haven’t been able to verify that it’s her, but the voice of the automated payment station in the parking lot of a nearby university sounds an awful lot like Sigourney Weaver’s.

OK, I give up. I can’t find a reference for Johnny Carson in the credits for Jonny Quest. I’ve checked IMDB and Google and have failed miserably.

A quick clip I found on Youtube, in which someone recorded one of Freeman’s PA announcements at the Birmingham airport:


Leonard Nimoy narrates part of orientation video for the Mugar Omnimax Theater at the Boston Museum of Science - https://youtu.be/MHK2-BVfUzs?t=1m2s

Oops, wrong link. Sheesh, that coulda been a lot worse!

Donald Sutherland did the narration on a video for the University of Toronto. Not all that surprising, maybe, since he had ties to the school.

I was watching “Jakers!” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jakers!_The_Adventures_of_Piggley_Winks (with my toddler) some years back and thought that one of the voices was familiar, and indeed, it was Mel Brooks.

Michael Dorn (Worf in the Star Trek franchise) voices multiple tauren NPCs in World of Warcraft.

Seth Rogan recently recorded announcements for the subway In Toronto.
Haven’t heard them myself yet.

sorry! I must have hallucinated something or was skimminng a page w/out glasses yesterday. I see it now. I had synesthesia of the paragraph.

Leonard Nimoy reads some of the quotes about technologies in Civilization IV.