Has a a celebrity's heterosexuality surprised you?

Turning the other thread on its head, has a celebrity being straight made you go,“What he’s/she’s straight?”

Way back when Trading Spaces was a hit show, Frank casually mentioned something about “his wife”.
Not only did I do a double-take, but later heard from a woman in NYC who said her husband was in the next room, heard the comment and said, “WTF - he has a wife?!”
I still have my doubts about the whole thing, but hey.

Then again, I am still pissed off that people like Ariana Huffington and Nicole Kidman are legally allowed to marry Gay men, and I’m not.

I have long been a fan of Talking Heads and David Byrne, and I always thought he gave off a somewhat gay vibe (both in interviews, and with the very theatrical nature of his live performances) and so I suppose that I was a bit suprised to learn that he and his wife (ex-wife?) have a teenaged daughter.

I guess that dosen’t really prove his sexuality one way or the other, but I never would have guessed that he was married with children.

I should add that I have almost no gaydar to speak of, so take my opinions with a grain of salt…

Pretty much anytime a movie star is not gay, I’m surprised. Running joke at my house:
Wife: Hey, STAR has just admitted he was gay.
Me: Well, he is a movie star you know.

Tony Randall had some mannerisms that I associated with gay men, but apparently he was straight, and if I remember got married to a very young woman in the last few years of his life, and they had a kid together shortly before he died.

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Alton Brown.

Alton Brown is straight? Whoa.

I can think of a couple people IRL…

AB set off your “gaydar”? I can see it, but maybe because I’m a fan, I’ve got past it.

RE: Alton Brown. Just because a guy is anal retentive doesn’t actually mean he’s into buttsex…

Bronson Pinchot. I always assumed he was gay, not just because he played gay characters in several projects but… well, everything about him when he was interviewed.

Apparently he’s not only not-gay but something of a hetero horndog.

Two, fourteen months apart: Julia Laurette and Jefferson Salvini, born when he was 77 and 78 respectively. His widow, who wasn’t born when The Odd Couple premiered, said gay rumors never bothered him, but rumors that his kids were conceived through artificial means made him furious and threaten lawsuit. (He was very proud of the fact he got them naturally.)

Same here. Also, the photographer Bruce Weber (simply because of the homoerotic nature of some of his work).

The host from the Marriage Ref. Tom Papa. He’s got a heavyish gay lisp or gay way of talking but he’s married with kids.

Dave Gahan, the lead singer of Depeche Mode. Apparently I wasn’t alone; there’s a side comment in an episode of “Venture Brothers” where two of the characters exchange their shock that he isn’t gay."

Geoffrey Holder- dancer/artist/actor/poet probably best known for his7-UP commercials ("The un-cola… hah hah hah). I always assumed he was gay for several reasons, especially the fact he had a career in musical theater and released two books of photographs of male nudes, but if he is it hasn’t hampered his marriage. (He and his wife, also an actor/dancer/choreographer, have been married 55 years.)

I was surprised to learn that David Ogden Stiers (Charles from MASH*) was straight when he mentioned his girlfriends and the (false) gay rumors in interviews. I was less surprised (but a bit irked) when he came out, again, as gay a year or two ago (and admitted he’d lied about his orientation in the past for fear it would hurt his career [especially since so much of his work was with Disney]).

Gerard Way of Chemical Romance- pics- I was surprised to learn he was straight.

I would have pegged Renee Zellwegger as gay, but perhaps that’s largely because she looks just like a friend of mine who’s a lesbian (or vice versa). Evidently she’s very not gay.

Brandon Flowers (The Killers) is perhaps the gay friendliest Mormon in showbiz but credits gay rumors to some of his popularity in the early years. (He evidently has a large gay fan base.)

Ira Glass.

He had a guest star role on Fraiser where he played a gay man, an old friend of Fraiser’s mother. I think this was before he came out, and I wondered if he took the role as a sort of test-run (maybe that’s a stupid assumption on my part, but it occured to me when I read that he announced that he was gay)

Several months ago I was listening to “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” and they had Neil Sedaka on for the guest segment. At the end of the segment he mentioned something about his wife of 40 or 50 years and I thought “WTF? No way!”

Speaking of designers, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen of “Changing Rooms.” There was an episode where he and another designer swapped homes (rather than helping two families or groups swapping homes or churches or whatever) and I was SHOCKED to see that that foppish Laurence was married to a lady of the same general type as my mom (middle aged, comfortable weight, and I think her hair was a bit frizzy, but who’s isn’t in the British mist?)- I always thought he was gay and expected that if he wasn’t, he’d have a trophy wife.

Rick Steves, the travel writer/radio host/television host. That was a double whammy: I thought he was gay and Canadian, turns out he’s straight and from Edmonds, WA.