Who were you most surprised to see come out of the closet?

Inspired by this thread about George Takei and most of the cast of Fraiser, who surprised you the most by admitting they had teh gay?

When I read about my own governor Jim McGreevy, I felt like I had fallen into a Twilight Zone episode.

My older daughter. After that I was completely immune to surprise or shock.

Senator Larry Craig, it was such a shock, even HE was surprised.

Since the Thread title says “Who were you most surprised to see come out of the closet?” rather than “Who were you most surprised to find out is gay?” . . .

I’d say Lance Bass.

I wasn’t surprised to find out he is gay (not to imply that I assumed it), but I was surprised that such a “mainstreamier than mainstream” heartthrob pop star would come out of the closet publicly.

Rob Halford of Judas Priest. In hindsight, it was clearly a “hide in plain sight” situation - but as a clueless teenager growing up in suburban California, I simply didn’t have the data set to put it all together.

Ultimately, I think it has been great for metal…

This would be mine, as far as the coming out part.

It never surprises me that someone is gay. I assume everyone is until demonstrated otherwise.

That’s a unique way to look at the world.

So far I’m more surprised by people who deny they’re gay when I’m convinced they most certainly are.

Not that I’d know.

Most people assume everyone is straight until demonstrated otherwise (at least subconciously). I simply choose to be different.

Well, statistics are against it, at least.

I was pleasantly surprised by NPH.

Somewhat surprised by Michael Stipe’s coming out, though in retrospect, it should’ve been fairly obvious.

Same goes for Kele Okereke, the lead singer of Bloc Party.

Same here. Halford always looked that if you went up and called him gay, he’d reduce you to a pulp.

That sounds like a great way to pick up chicks. I wish I had thought of it.

My biggest suprise was Portia del Rossi

Should I know what NPH is?

I was surprised by McGreevy. Back around '95 or so I heard on the radio that Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the little kid from Home Improvement, had just come out. The DJ was bemoaning the fact that he decided at such a young age that he was gay; I guess she wanted him to sleep around a little more before being really sure, or something.

Are you sure you’re not thinking of Danny Pintauro from Who’s the Boss? He came out around that time. Checking Wikipedia, Thomas was only 14 in 1995, so I doubt she wanted him to sleep around at that age.

Same here, except with Show People. Them I assume to all be gay. :smiley:

Neil Patrick Harris. (Doogie!)

To answer corkboard’s question, Neil Patrick Harris, formerly* Doogie Howser, M.D*., now Barney on How I Met Your Mother.

ETA: jinx!

From what I understand, Jonathan Taylor Thomas has played a couple of roles in more recent years where his character was gay, but he has denied any rumours that he himself is gay.

And boy… had he come out in 1995 as you suggest, the sound of a million pre-teen hearts breaking simultaneously would have reverberated around the world - that was the peak of his reign as Tiger Beat cover boy.

You already got the answer Neil Patrick Harris, but what’s funny/mildly shocking about his coming out is that he did it after he played “himself” as a drunken horndog in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

This will date me, but I still remember the shock of Rock Hudson. Of course he didn’t come out voluntarily, it was disclosed that he had AIDS, but still, it changed the perceptions of an entire generation or two. For the first time, people who never knew any gays or even thought about them much realized that a stereotypical “strong, virile heartthrob” could be gay. If Rock Hudson could be gay, then anybody could be gay! I think the change in perception was a great thing and helped break down some mental barriers that a lot of people didn’t even realize were there.

As far as people I personally believe are gay (of course I could be wrong) and who I wish would come out:

George Clooney
Tom Cruise
John Travolta

The first one is just a hunch, but I’d love it to be true. The last two, if indeed gay, never will come out because they’re too deeply entrenched in $cientology, which condemns homosexuality.

Neil Patrick Harris.

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