Has a video game ever made you get teary-eyed? Or all-out cry?

There’s a lot of talk about what movies made people cry or get misty-eyed, but I don’t think that video games usually enter the discussion. Nevertheless, with the huge number of role-playing games with intense stories and detailed characters, there have to be some instances of people being sufficiently moved by something in a game to cry, or at least almost cry.

I can think of two instances where I got a little teared-up over something in a video game:

Final Fantasy VII: When Cait Sith sacrifices himself to get the Black Materia.

Metal Gear Solid III, Snake Eater: When the leaves on The End’s ghillie suit turn from green to brown as he dies.

There, I did it. Now is anyone else secure enough to admit when they cried or almost cried over a game?

I cried while playing Zoo Tycoon when my kangaroo died. I had been playing a while, and several animals had died and others had been born, and those seemed like normal zoo management. Little memos pop up to inform you of births and deaths. However, with the kangaroo, I was in a close-up view working on his exhibit when he laid down and … faded away. I was surprised how upsetting it was. Poor little guy, he was a good kangaroo.

That’s a good one.

Final Fantasy IX - Several times, actually. >_> Sir Ratley not recognising Freya, Kuja’s breakdown, Zidane’s apparent death, the implication that Vivi died…

Final Fantasy X - Yuna passing through Tidus as he faded away at the end.

Kingdom Hearts - At the end, when they locked Mickey and Riku away in the Darkness.

Oddworld, Munch’s Odysdey: When Munch is swimming around in the ocean calling out for someone and there are no members of his species left to answer because they’ve all been kidnapped. To make matters worse, he finally hears a reply and gets excited, but it turns out to be a trap.

I didn’t cry, but I think I felt my heart break.

Beating some RPGs have been an emotional experience for me (like finishing a good book) and the following are the ones that readily come to mind.

Planescape: Torment
When I finally beat the game, I had to say bye to Morte, Dakkon, Annah, Nordom, Ignus, Fall from Grace and the amazing Planescape universe.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time
I realize the plot and the characters aren’t that well developed but anyone who has played this game knows what I’m talking about.

FF6, during the Celes’ performance. FF8, when Squall refuses to let Rinoa be nullified as a sorceress.

Well not teary eyed, but A moment of remorse for a brother in arms:

In Fallout II there is a tribal guy(Bad mother fucker) with a sledgehammer named Sulik who takes care of you for most of the early game, and is the most loyal guy through most of the game. I was truly sad when he got wasted buy a guy with a minigun and power armour.:frowning:
Also Dogmeat from Fallout I . He died, I really hate to see a good dog die. :frowning: But he came back in a cameo in Fallout II :slight_smile:

Link leaving Kokiri forest? I loved the game, but that scene did absolutely nothing for me. Hell, I’m still amazed it was intended to be sad…

The End? Seriously?

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be harsh…I shed a few tears too, though not during that scene. For some reason, the damn ending got to me. I forget which part exactly, but it involved Snake and the blond hottie (Ada, was it)?

Awesome game, btw.

It was the fact that he was being kind to you even after you killed him. He was an old man and realized that he couldn’t go on fighting forever. His spiritual connection with the forest was so great that the very leaves on his suit changed colors as he was dying.

When you beat the game. The credits are rolling and all the characters are at the horse ranch with the kokiri theme playing in the background.

Sulik won’t be a party member if you kill children. If he’s already a party member, he’ll leave, even if you didn’t deliberately kill a child. You want loyalty? Myron, baby, Myron! At least if you’re a moderately charismatic female. He’ll beg and whine and plead and try to bribe you when you tell him to wait for you. Of course, he’s damn near useless for anything but making various drugs, and he will only make healing drugs for you, not any of the stuff he’s famous for. :smiley: I usually pick Myron up just for the laughs, he has some of the best dialogue in the game.

I like the floating dialogue when both Sulik and Vic are in my party. Sulik is NOT willing to forgive and forget…not that I blame him. When Myron’s in the party, everyone naturally picks on him, so that’s another reason to put him in.

I think that Marcus is my favorite party member. He can’t wear armor, but he soaks up a ton of damage, and he’s very good with the big energy weapons. Give him a Turbo Laser, and watch him snipe! His AI seems to be smarter than that of the other characters. Make sure to treat him to a session at the Cat’s Paw, and ask him about it afterwards. Seems that Vree wasn’t right after all…

You can get Dogmeat in FO2. Just take off your armor when you approach him. I usually don’t bother, I’m not too fond of him. I like Worthless Mutt in Arcanum much better.

Hmm, I’ve never heard that one cited before…I guess I can sort of see it, if only because of the music, but I don’t recall anything really sad about it…

FFIV, during the end. Hokey by my standards now, so now my tears are nostalgic.

FFVI, also at the end. I will create a monument to nonexistence! That’s not what made me cry, but it bears repeating.

FFXII, also at the end. Boy… FF games really get me weepy. Also some Zelda moments, and a host of other things I cant remember.

However, lest we forget, the ULTIMATE, WITHOUT-A-DOUBT, saddest moment of video game history (at least for me) is the end of Super Metroid. When that metroid sacrifices his life so Samus can beat the Mother Brain once and for all, that really really got to me. You literally see the metroid die as the life force leaves his cutely disgusting body.

Waaaaahhhh ;;;;;;;;;;;;

Myron? he’s a bitch, give him a Pankor[sp?] Jackhammer and the first thing he’ll do is empty is a couple dozen 12 gauges into your back;intentional or not that’s just shitty friendship.

It’s a cliche, but it’s a particular moment of the cliche…

Final Fantasy VII:

[spoiler]When Aeris bites it, the other two members of your party in the Jenova battle afterwards react in different ways. The three that got to me:

  • Red XIII lets out a silent, mourning howl.
  • Yuffie stares for a moment, then runs away sobbing.

And most especially:

  • Tifa kneels down, brushes a lock of hair out of Aeris’s face, and walks away.

And this is after I’d already played through that part a time or two. Sniff.[/spoiler]

Several moments in FFVI just kill me.

  • When Cyan says a last goodbye to the ghosts of his wife and child as they ride the train to the underworld.

  • The story of Locke and his previous girlfriend who died.

  • The story of Terra’s star-crossed parents.

  • The death of Cid.

  • The opera house.

Its what makes blasting the Mother Brain into smithereens all the more satisfying! :mad:

The ghost who asks to be shown the parts of the island he used to live in, in “Link’s Awakening” is a bit sad, as is the fact that…

the entire island and its inhabitants, except for you and that ridiculous bird-whale, are merely a dream conceived by bird-whale and by wakening the bird-whale creature (what the fcuk is that meant to be?!) you cause them to cease to exist

In Thief 2: The Metal Age there’s a mission where you go to a Pagan village right after the Mechanists have murdered all the inhabitants. All the huts are full of dead bodies, which was no big deal, but in one of them there’s a cradle lying on its side. I teared up at that, then got really angry at the game designers, then restarted the mission on an easier difficulty level so I could kill all the Mechanists (in the Thief games, you are generally prohibited from killing any humans on the hardest level). I knocked them all unconscious, threw half in the river to drown, and made a pile of the other half and hit them with fire arrows till they all died.

I’ve got a lot of the ones already mentioned.

  • I cried when Aeris died, FF VII.
  • I cried at the end of VIII, when Squall is left all alone…and then Rinoa comes to get him.
  • I cried in FF X when they kiss, and that beautiful scene in the water.
  • I was surprised to find myself sniffling recently a little in Dragon Quest when the girl who was turned into a horse gets to turn back for a little while, and she’s so nice and accepting…just asks if we can please come back here once in a while (the site where she can be human for a few seconds.)

I’m sure there’s more. Mostly it’s just a few tears. Aeris’ death really pissed me off, though, and made me go out of my way to get the Omnislash and everything else I could to really kick Sephiroth’s ass.