Has AI / Analytics found insights into COVID-19 ?

So before the Epidemic, it was widely talked about how AI and Data Analytics was revolutionizing the world and finding deep insights which were previously not possible.

Since there is so much data from around the world, Has AI found any insights not found by traditional methods ?

Saw an article that AI found a bunch of chemicals, around 70, that might work as a treatment.

A treatment with those chemicals discovered by AI could do strange surreal things to you. (Photo.) That’s why we need that 12-18 month testing cycle!

If you google ‘AI coronavirus’ there are quite a few articles about AI predicting the outbreak before the WHO did, AI being used to model the surface of the virus, AI to help make vaccines, AI to help determine which drugs may work, AI to track who may have the virus in public places, AI to track its spread, etc


They found the match by deciding that the spike shape matched to ACE2.

They then found the 70 treatments possible by searching for anything known to interfere with ACE2 , even if it is at first glance going to make symptoms worse, it could paradoxically be a treatment. (paradoxical in the same way that taking 10 litres of water from a dam can keep the dam full. sounds paradoxical ? surely the only way to keep a dam full is to add water to it ? If I drown you in the water, then you are not drinking, cooking, showering, watering, cleaning with that water…thus saving water… keeping the dam full.)

camostat was one of the molecules found. but it may do its thing inside the cells with active ACE2 receptors that are inside the pancrease… eg only to correct the function of the pancrease cells.

They search for matches and near matches of the RNA structure too.

So for example, they found this covid19’s SARS2 virus has a stretch of 38 proteins that match the same stretch in a fish found in China.