Has anybody heard from iampunha?

I haven’t seen him since Friday night. I got up Saturday morning and he and his car were gone. No big news there – he frequently goes out for a while. The difference is that he doesn’t stay out for more than a few hours without telling his dad or me.

The last time he posted here was Friday afternoon, if I am reading the boards correctly. The last time he posted on the Motley Fool, it was Friday morning.

He isn’t at a Dopefest and forgot to tell us, is he?

I’m worried. And it’s Mother’s Day. Which I don’t celebrate, but still – I’d kind of like to know where all my kids are on that day.

iampunha’s mom, in case you hadn’t guessed

He was last in #straighdope on IRC 1 day and 20 hours ago. I don’t know if that’s before or after you last saw him, but if he pops in we’ll be sure to tell him you’re looking for him.

I talked to him on AIM Friday. I haven’t seen him logged on since. If he logs on, I’ll tell him to contact you.

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