Has anybody here actually got a job through LinkedIn?

So the temp job I had for the last few months has come to an end. I was hoping they’d take me on as a permanent employee (as was suggested a few weeks ago), but alas I’ve been informed there is no money in the budget for another full-timer. :frowning:

Well enough of my sad sack tale. I began the process of a new job hunt this week. This morning, I updated my LinkedIn page, and applied to a few openings listed on it. Several years ago, I heard quite a few people singing the praising of LinkedIn. “LinkedIn is the way.to.go!” “If you’re looking for a job, you NEED to be on LinkedIn.” I thought “what the hell” and filled out a profile. I’ve kept it updated and fleshed out, and even when I did have jobs I still kept up with it periodically looking for better work. Well maybe it’s just me, but I got nothing to show for it.

I realize there’s no quick & easy shortcut to getting work, especially nowadays. But whenever I go on it, I see the same job listings I’ve seen for months at a time. The jobs I have applied to on it rarely even send a “we have received your application” form letter. Frankly, the site has not lived up to the reputations as a great tool for advancing my career.

I’m just wondering if anybody else has had any success with it?

I have. I’ve had a ton of recruiters contact me via LinkedIn. In fact, that’s how I got the last job I applied for (more than 7 years ago now). But I’ve had tons of contacts from recruiters with actual jobs much more recently than that (I haven’t followed up on any of them, though).

Wow. I’ve never even heard of anybody who got an interview…

I’ve both had recruiters contact me through linkedin, and I’ve used it to find and hire other people.

Lots of people. For example, my sister-in-law found her current job on Linked In.

The key is to use it not just as a job board, but as an expansion of your network.

Not me personally, but a good friend of mine will be starting a job on the 31st from someone cold calling him through LinkedIn.

I’ve been approached by recruiters, but I’m not looking for a change any time soon.

I’ve been contacted by a recruiter for a company I’d like to work for, just not in the position for which I was approached. I used the event to introduce myself to the local-level recruiter, gave him my resume, and I plan to follow up with him next week.

I do need to update my profile now that I’m actively looking to change jobs.

I turned down an offer for an interview that came from LinkedIn, but tipped another guy who ended up getting the job. Does that count?

My SO was at his previous company for twenty years and got an offer for an interview on Linkedin in December. A month later and he’s at a better company making more money. And I now sound like a commercial for the website (even though I’m not a member).

My husband has tons of recruiters contact him through Linked In - and some jobs he’s bothered to interview for. He hasn’t accepted a job through a Linked In contact yet.

But its a networking tool, not a job hunting tool. If you expect the Monster deal where you post a resume and people come out of the woodwork to hire you, you’d better have a pretty good Linked In profile.

I got one amazing interview through LinkedIn (still waiting to hear back), and many people checking out my profile during the interview process. It’s kind of a necessary evil.

I suspect it works better in some areas than others. The people I know who are in The Professions swear by LI. People in sales and such, not so much.

I turn down an interview offer through LinkedIn every other week. Of course, I’m in software, where that’s common. I did go on one of the interviews, got an offer, and ended up turning them down (I turned down a $20k raise! what was I thinking?! Oh yea, an hour long commute sucks is what I was thinking).

It certainly happens, but the field you’re in affects things a lot

Plus as alluded to already, it helps to have already been on LinkedIn for a while so you’ve built up your network and had some time for people to notice your skills and such. (I’m on LinkedIn but got my new job through standard networking; I do see a fair number of automated “this job might be a good match for you” notices coming through my feed, though.

I did, in that LI notifed me that there were jobs available I might like. I applied and got one.

My husband did directly - a guy in his network was leaving his role and knew my husband would be his perfect replacement. Contact was made, interviews were arranged and he got the job, which was a huge step up for him.

My husband also hires people (or at least, gets people to interview for roles he’s got available) via his Linked In network first.

So yeah, it’s not just boring Facebook.

What means “The Professions”?

How do you build your network through linkedin?

Technically, you make requests or receive them, similar to Facebook, but more to the point–make these requests to people you do business with or accept them from people who are relevant to what you do professionally.

My FB friends and LinkedIn connections are very different and rarely overlap.

For example, I just accepted one yesterday from a sales manager whose company sold us a piece of equipment and who might have related contacts I would be interested in doing business with, or connections within his company I might want to contact.

A practical application is if one of my connections is connected with someone I would like to contact, then I can ask them to make an introduction. Less chance of being blown off than a cold contact.

Yes, I got my last two jobs through LinkedIn, and a lot of hits that keep coming regularly, too. Some at Monster too, but mainly for lower-level and temporary stuff. Our in-house recruiter told me she searches only LI for candidates, nowhere else, not even Monster.

The first time was right after a surprise layoff. I spent a weekend getting over being pissed off, set up an account, updated my resume, let it sit overnight while I thought about anything more to say, then submitted it the next morning and went to take the dog for a walk. While we were out, my phone rang and I had an offer the next day, before I was even off the payroll of previous place. I didn’t take it, though, something else that dropped in my lap seemed like a better option.

Now, why I keep getting requests from all these recruiters in India, I don’t know. Sometimes the positions are here in the US.

Medicine, law, engineering, and accounting. Some people define it a bit more broadly nowadays.