Has anybody here run up the Rocky Steps?

This YouTube video shows people running up the “Rocky Steps” of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Wikipedia link: Rocky Steps), like boxer Rocky Balboa did in the original movie. Apparently, it is a popular thing to do for visitors to Philadelphia–as Wikipedia says in the above link, “Tourists often mimic Rocky’s famous climb, a metaphor for an underdog or an everyman rising to a challenge.”

Has anybody here ever done it? I’ve decided that running up the Rocky Steps is on my bucket list.

My brother lived near there, so of course I did! I even have a picture of my then 2 year old daughter in the classic “winner” and left hook poses.

The thing I came away with is that Stallone has small feet.

I’ve taken several groups of 8th graders to Philadelphia over the years. I have pics of them running up.

Me? I walk up casually :slight_smile:

Well, with scissors I certainly hope so.

Too many times to mention. Having lived near there, I used to run them, multiple times, for a workout. It’s only 72 steps in total, with a landing, I believe, every 13. It’s fun to watch a bus pull up, disgorge the tourists who then attempt it & take pictures - while completely ignoring the view of Center City from the top, or the museum behind them.
They used to have a larger than life statue of [del]Stallone[/del] Rocky at the top of the steps; however, the hoity-toity’s thought it was too declasé to have so prominent in front of a world-class art museum, so it’s now ground-level off to the side of the stairs. People patiently wait in line to take their picture with it.
There is still a plaque at the top center consisting of the imprint from his “Chuck’s” (Converse All-Star’s) that you can stand in; & no, the footprints aren’t all that big.

I did for the first time when I went to Philly for spring break.

Fun stuff it was.

Born and raised in Philly. Still live nearby.

Did it and have taken others there to do it.

I just visited that for the first time last month but didn’t run it.

Not only have I run up them, I’ve also sledded down them on a garbage can lid. Spoiler: the landings make for a pretty bumpy ride.

I did it when I was there.

I’d like to see the art museum after my run–but I’ll have to catch my breath first.

Speaking of which, there’s a free outdoor showing of Rocky there tomorrow night.

Oh s#$%&, I thought it was Thursday nite. Thanks for the heads up.

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