Has anybody seen the Madea movies?

I’m going to spend the holiday weekend with my sister. She asked me to bring something funny to watch. The problem is that she’s offended by damned near everything (profanity, nudity, gays, etc.).

I’ve heard the Madea movies (with the exception of Diary of a Mad Black Woman) are clean and funny. Has anybody seen them?

Thanks for any info,


I haven’t, but I was sure that there was something horribly wrong with a child writing an essay, because he or she mentioned that “Medea was a great mother” which made her a fictional character that was a good role model :eek:

Then I read a more coherent/fleshed out essay by another child that made it clear that they weren’t talking about the mother of Jason’s children, but a character called Madea that was in the Diary of A Mad Black Woman…the first kid just couldn’t spell very well. :smiley: