Has anyone else ever had this done, or heard of it?

I have a wonderful friend who’s in her 90’s now. She is very sharp and very kind, speaks several languages and composes music.

In the 70’s in California, people got into a lot of strange-sounding trips. (Think peacock feathers, macrobiotics, etc.) (no offense to the preceeding.) My friend tells me she too tried several things of this type – yoga, EST, Rolfing, and so forth.

She says that her Rolfer suggested she do something involving having your teeth removed from your mouth, scraped out, filled with a fine desert sand, and replaced – so she did. She has beautiful teeth, all her own. I don’t think she is pulling my leg.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of any practitioners or proponents of this procedure, and my google-fu avails me not at all.

Does anyone else know anything about this?

Sorry, just can’t buy this. I don’t think it is possible to put back a tooth that has been removed, whether it has been fille with fine desert sand or not. Sounds too far fetched to me…

I’m pretty sure that once a tooth is extracted, that’s it. Unless it is drilled back into the jawbone, such as some or most tooth implants are done nowadays.

You may also want to read this.

I know lots of Rolfers, and I’ve *never *heard of this. I think, rather than pulling her teeth, she’s pulling your leg.

I picture a trusting young woman being anaesthetized in a dentist’s chair (doubtless a fine dentist recommended by Rolfe), coming to and being assured that the extraction and re-implantation went as smoothly as clockwork, and that her teeth were now full of the finest desert sand. :slight_smile:

Well, everybody, it did sound crazy to me too; I know I’ve heard that a tooth which is knocked out can sometimes be reimplanted, but the window of opportunity is said to be very small.

Perhaps aldiboronti’s scenario is something like what happened (though, in the 70’s, she would have been 40-50). In any case, diggleblop’s link sure was fascinating. Thanks all.