Has anyone else seen "Spit on Your Grave"

Watched it last night - VERY highly recommended, but be warned - it’s gross.

The original or that new one?

So, would you care to elaborate on what makes it good so we have some kind of basis for liking or disliking it?

I Spit On Your Grave?

I saw it around 1984, I think. (ISTR renting the video.) I don’t remember anything about it.

Repulsive movie.

I tried to walk out on it, but my friends wouldn’t go, so I stayed.

This is another reason I tend to have few friends.

By the way, this was the original movie. If it’s been remade, I wouldn’t be in the least surprised, though mercifully I don’t remember any remake.

And no, you revisionists, it is NOT a pro-women movie.

It is a tough movie to watch. Listening to the director and Joe Bob Briggs commentaries, I see what they were trying to do, but all I can say is it’s a tough movie to watch.

I have never understood what made my mother think it was ok to let me rent this as a pre-teen. Yes, unfortunately I’ve seen it.

No, I Spit on Your Grave! Famous for a) the writer, Boris Vian, hating it when it came out, and b) him dying during the screening.

Or possibly I Spit on Your Grave, the remake…

I saw both of them didn’t care for either. The original is slightly better than than the remake, but they’re both pretty bad.

Yeah, I’ve seen the 78 version. It’s garbage.

yeah, I’ve seen the '78 version, neither a pleasant experience, nor a well crafted movie, IMHO. As far as what kind of movie the filmaker was trying to make, you can take his words at face value, or not, from the wiki:

I suggest a more uplifting alternative: Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia.

My useless interjection of the day:

The girl on the cover? That’s my buddy’s wife. No connection to the actual movie – they just did a photo shoot with her for the promo stuff. Nice butt.

I saw it in the mid-eighties at a drive-in theater. We laughed.

I read Tipper Gore’s book “Raising PG-Rated Children in an X-Rated Society.” She goes totally off on this moviee for the scenes showing the woman’s violent revenge, but makes no comments about the actual rape scene that started it.

Rape (men’s violence against women) = okay.
A woman’s violence towards men = disgusting.

I Spit On Your Grave is one of the only horror movies I know of that women rate more highly than men. In IMDb’s ratings, women gave it an average 6.1 score, while men rated it a 5.2. Females over 45 gave an average rating of 7.3!

Well, you know how uppity those old broads can be.

When we first got a VCR, my Dad would often stop at the video store (Remember those? It was a local shop and everything!) and bring home movies for us. He knew I liked horror movies so he brought home the original I Spit on Your Grave. He put in in and we watched it. About 20 minutes in Webster’s Dictionary came in to take a picture for their entry on “awkward”.

Definitely not a film to watch with your folks.

Priceless! :smiley:

The movie isn’t all that well made. I did like the woman gets revenge aspect of the story. Heck, men make revenge movies all the time. Charles Bronson gets even by killing street punks in Death Wish. Clint Eastwood murders the townspeople that lynched him in Hang Them High.

The mistake I Spit on Your Grave makes is the over the top explicit rape and then the bloody gore during the revenge murders. This was almost more gory then Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The story might have worked if they had made this a thriller with less explicit scenes and better actors.