Has anyone ever seen the "Muppets" Xmas special?

This was over 25 years ago when it was made.

I don’t specifically remember that it was the “Muppets” that we know today, but they were definitely Jim Henson puppets.

IIRC, the Muppets got their first big exposure on the old “Ed Sullivan” program, and it might have been Sullivan himself who played “Santa Claus.” (It also might have been Art Carney–but I might be influenced in thinking that as the result of his TZ appearance).

Anyway, has anyone seen this?

It was definitely remember

You mean the one with John Denver? It wasn’t bad.

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Nope. Ed or Art.

Hmmm, I do remember a Seasame Street Christmas special from maybe 10 or 15 years ago. I remember there was a hilarious skit where I think Bert sold his bottlecap collection to by Ernie (arrgh! I forget…a stick for his hobby horse?) And Ernie sold the head to his hobby horse to buy Bert a box for his bottlecap collection. (Or was it paperclips?) Maybe Ernie sold his bottlecap collection for Birdseed and Bert sold his pigeons for a box for – arrgh! SOmeone help me remember!

That is a link Emmet Otter’s Jugand Christmas. Its what I thought of when you mentioned an early muppet christmas special. But, Art Carney is not mentioned. And this was 1977, so might be too late for Ed Sullivan. I didn’t see any other Jim Henson Christmas specials, so maybe it was another puppet guy?
Or maybe Art Carney was in this one, just not listed. I havent seen it for years, so I don’t know who is in it.


I like the yearly show of the Martha Stewart Xmas Special on SNL. They show her topless, its very funny. Should be even more funny these days.

Found it:

“The Great Santa Claus Switch” from 1970.

Strange that it’s not listed in IMDB.

Ok, I rememer what it was now…Bert sells his prized paper clip collection to get Ernie a dish for his RUBBER DUCKIE, and Ernie sells his rubber duckie to get Bert a box for his paper clip collection. Phew. Aren’t you glad I remembered? :wink: Your sides are aching, right?

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