Has anyone given up alcohol, drugs, marijuana due to jail, prison or military and felt better after?

I woke up this morning feeling good and I’m 74 now, but I didn’t always feel so good in my younger years of doing speed, cocaine, marijuana, rum and coke a cola. So I was wondering if anyone else had to give up alcohol, drugs, marijuana due to jail time and or military and then get out and continue to stay sober?

It’s only been a little over a year of no marijuana for me, but I sure do feel better and of course I have saved a ton of money.

How about you?

Not me, but my BIL. He was out buying crack one night and…well, he’s been sober for ten years after getting out and he’s a much better person because of it. He doesn’t like to talk about it, but he has stated a couple times that he can’t imagine putting himself in that situation (alcohol and drugs) again. He is in much better physical condition and much more coherent now. He’s also a nicer person.

Rather than lumping together a half dozen different psycho-active substances with a wide variety of toxicologic characteristics, you might also consider asking the millions of people in legal Cannabis states who feel better now that they have an alcohol alternative and are no longer being railroaded into using dangerous opiates, by prescription or otherwise.

But I doubt alot of them would be found here.

I enjoy alcohol and cannabis. I have no plans to stop using either, although in the past I have stopped one or both for various reasons. I do not enjoy sobriety, so I look at the occasional hangover in a positive light. If I wake up feeling like crap, I know that I’ll feel better and better as the day goes on!

The one thing that is kind of cool about stopping cannabis for a few days is the vivid dreams I’ll experience. I pretty much never remember dreams. But, if I do not use cannabis for a few days, I’ll have 2 or 3 nights of vivid, crazy dreams.


I had an ex who was locked up for a while, and knocked some addictions because he didn’t have access to them. Heroin is the one I remember him telling me about, because the withdrawal symptoms he experienced sounded awful, but there were probably other addictions he broke in there as well. He came out and stayed clean for a while, but the problem was how quickly he could get re-addicted to something. For instance, he was in a car accident and was prescribed painkillers, and quickly developed an addiction to them. He had completely quit smoking, but when he spent a long weekend around a friend that smoked, and relented to smoking one, he was hopelessly addicted by the end of that weekend. And when I broke up with him, he started taking god knows what to help him deal with his emotions.

Sorry that happen … I was hoping someone would answer up that they are better off after going without. I heard that in California over 53% of the prisoners they let out of prison return in a short amount of time.

and yes Been Jammin pot is a better solution than opiates or over the counter drugs, but after fifty it can ruin your health too … no links just personal observation.