Has anyone gone to a Vegas-area brothel?

My buddy and I are planning a trip to Vegas in a few months, and I’ve decided I’d like to see what legalized prostitution is all about. After seeing a few shows on cable about it, the women seem like attractive, nice people who want their clients to have a good time.

Plus, I’m single, and probably won’t be in a relationship for a while, but some sex would be nice.

So I’m wondering what it’s like. How far are the brothels from Vegas? Which ones are supposed to be good? How much should I expect to pay?

If anyone knows about this from first or secondhand experience, I’d love to know. Feel free to go into as much detail as you want. I have no moral qualms with prostitution, especially when it’s regulated like in Nevada, but I want to know more about the experience to see if it’s really something I would enjoy, and can actually afford.

You should know that Prostitution is actually illegal in the Las Vegas area. The county(s) that it is legal are in remoter places I believe.

Do a google search for the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, which is probably one of the most well-known legal brothels in the United States.

I’m aware Incubus, but thanks. I know I have to go outside of Clark County, but I have no real concept of how long that takes and where to go once I’m out of the county.

Thanks for the tip on the Bunny Ranch, too.

Take a taxi. SNenc. What happens here stays here, after all. :slight_smile:


There was an HBO special a while back about the Moonlight Bunny Ranch- I can’t remember the name- “Cathouse” maybe? Anyway, the sequel is coming up in early December- it’s more about the place- might be worth a look for you!

The nearest place with legal brothels is a town called Pahrump. It’s 45 minutes to an hour away. Take I-15 to Blue Diamond and go west. I’m a married Las Vegan and have never been to one, but the stories I’ve heard put the bill at around $200. Some of the better ones will actually have a free limo service that will drive you out and back.

$200 is well within my budget for such a thing (I figure it’ll be the only time I do it, might as well get it done right), so thanks for the info, LabRat.

Pahrump… it even sounds like a town that would have brothels. :slight_smile:

If you take a taxi that ** deuce ** will barely cover the fare.

The Pahrumph **area ** places I heard of were the Cherry Patch and something like Cactus Annies.

They’re not in the town of Pahrumph but outside of them on state roads.I’m sure there are some road signs strategically placed as you’re getting into the Pahrumph valley.

I don’t know their menu,but I’ve heard of people going for over a grand there.Depends on what service you’re looking for.I’d check with the hotel bellman where you’re staying,they should have all the info you need.I wouldn’t put too much stock in a cabbies advice re the trip since that is one of (if not the) most lucrative rides they’ll get in a month or year.The brothels piece’em off like about 20% of the action,besides their cut of that 2 dollar fare.

BJ, I think,is the rock bottom at about $150 from what I’ve been told.

Gas station, dive casino, post office, firework stand (at the right time of year), whore house, a few farmers and all the old people in motorhomes who don’t make the Laughlin cut. :rolleyes:

Do yourself a favor and just pick up a chick on the strip. Theres plenty and you don’t have to drive clear out to Pahrump.

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

Come, they told me, Pah-rump-a-pum pum…

Have to add since I see the trip is a couple months hence.Thru Feb.or so there’s a ** chance ** you could get into a snowy roadway/chains required to get over the hump on 180.

The mountain’s around 5-7k height and mountain type snows are not uncommon in the winter months-and they’ll sneak up on you with no warning.A realtively cold day in Vegas(40s or so) with no appreciable moisture can translate into 32F or less going thru the pass with snow.One of the reasons the Las Vegas Valley stays dry is the mountains surounding it,esp.to the west.

Nevada’s only vineyard is in Pahrump. When I was last there, the owner released a vintage with NY & CA grapes (?). Evidently, he had grown his own, but in an effort to recycle, he had dumped fermented grape leavings on his vine roots for fertilizer. Unfortunately, his vineyard was behind federally protected land…and the protected Burros caught sent of it & ripped down his fences trying to get to the mash. The Burros would then get drunk and rip up his vines (FYI- it takes 7 years for one vine to bear grapes).

He was almost as bitter as his wine.

I have a friend that has been to the ones in the Reno area. Things of note that he told me (while I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off) was:

  1. $160 dollars for a 15 min hand job!!! The deal was, he had to wear a condom, or she wore a glove.

  2. You don’t get off, you don’t get your money back, and they don’t give you more time. When your time is up, large men knock on the door and don’t go away until you do.

  3. Weekend girls are much better looking that weekday girls.

  4. If you want to touch their hoo hoos, then you have to wash your hands. My friend told me that washing his hands would have taken too long, so he did not touch them.
    All in all, it seems like a huge ass waste of money, but if you got to use a whore, then it is best to use a brothel one. At least there is some sort of disease protection.

Yikes on those prices! Since my main motive in going was novelty and not a desperate need to get laid (I do OK on my own, thank you much) I’m not sure if this is still something I want to consider.

Then again, it’ll probably be a once-in-a-lifetime deal. What to do, what to do…

Never been, but one night in bored surfing I googled “Nevada Brothels”. There’s a link to sites for each of the brothels. It includes reviews, pictures and “coming attractions” (low level porn stars, near as I can tell).

But some of the reviews are hilarious.

Doesn’t anyone know that Art Bell lives in Pahrump?

Ok -This is hard to put into words. My husband has just finished explaining to me how much his “adventure” really cost. All this time since I met him and he told me his first time was at the chicken ranch in Pahrump, I had always thought it was an expensive encounter. And now I have learned it only took $40.00.

Forty bucks!! Are you kidding!! Did she have a glass eye or something? Did you do it right there in the bar? Nope, he says, dead serious. It didnt last for very long but he was pleasured, and it was in the famous Chicken Ranch Brothel and the prostitute was indeed a woman. This was 18 years ago so I’m sure times have indeed changed. He says the menu items are there and preferred but he was 18, a virgin and only took $40.00. He said it wasnt so bad the he wouldnt ever go back again, but now when he thinks about it going over this thread question, he felt uncomfortable about how cheap his first time was.

The Moonlight Bunny Ranch will be a bit of a drive. It’s a couple of miles out of Carson City, some 6-7 hours from Vegas.


  1. Dinner is cheaper.

  2. Drunk Girls are in Vegas for a reason, and it ain’t gambling.

  3. If you’ve never been to Vegas, stay on the strip. Off the strip it can get as rough as Anacostia after dark.

  4. If you can’t get laid in Vegas, you can’t get laid, it ain’t sin city for nothin’.

  5. Have a good time, but keep your cash tight, buy (and get) your own drinks, and pass on the strip joints, a bigger waste of money there ain’t.