Has anyone had any success with DHT shampoo for regrowing hair?

There are shampoos out there that claim to block DHT, some sort of body chemical that supposedly causes baldness. Has anyone on the sdmb had any luck with any such products?

Well, the biggest pusher of the product is facing a class action lawsuit for misleading the public and making false claims. (Avacore is the spelling??? )

Just read about it in a site that updates class action lawsuits. Something classaction.org or something. OR search Avacore class action suit in google.

It helps confirm that, as suspected, hairloss products don’t usually work, unless you consider Propecia and Rogaine, which are documented to work, but with less than stellar results. Other products skate around science and testing because they ate herbal and they stretch their claims to unreal limits.

found the link

Some of these shampoos contain polysorbate 80 as an active ingrediant, which is also found in most cheaper brands of french vanilla ice cream. There is no evidence whatsoever that this works.

Others contain herbal mixtures of dubious pedigree, usually including saw palmetto, which is demonstrated to have a weak antiandrogenic effect. However, saw palmetto is not absorbed well through the skin and is not likely to have any significant effect on DHT-mediated hair loss.

Some contain minoxidil, which is the same ingredient as Rogaine. Rogaine’s efficacy is well-studied. Using Rogaine as a shampoo will be less effective than using it in the manner directed by the manufacturer, and these preparations usually contain less minoxidil than Rogaine does.

Many of the formulations also contain niacin, menthol, or other substances that will cause a tingling sensation, which may lead people to believe that it “must be doing something”. That’s a nice scam.

For the record, I did try a polysorbate 80 formulation many years ago; it had no effect. However, Propecia (finasteride 1mg/day) did halt my hair loss while I maintained it, although I did not see any regrowth in the year I took it alone. I’ve also tried oral saw palmetto, which did not work (but did give me gas).

I have seen some regrowth on my current regimen, but most men will not tolerate the other effects of the combination I’m on. These include penile and testicular shrinkage; breast enlargement; reduced physical strength; and difficulty in getting and maintaining erections. I imagine most men would rather be bald.

Nothing you’re washing your hair with is going to absorb into the bloodstream enough to do anything, anyway. Its in contact with your scalp for, what, a few seconds? With water constantly running? And the scalp not known for its absorbing properties, anyway?

File this along with caffeinated hand soap, I’d reckon.


If you have a bald area, try preparation H. It won’t grow hair but it might strink the spot.:smiley: