Has Anyone Heard "The Ketchup Song"?

There’s this new pop song called “The Ketchup Song.” It’s sung by a group of Puerto-Rican sounding women singing in English and Spansih, often switching languages in the same sentence! It’s got a peppy beat and I suppose it’s fun to dance to.

Anyway, the DJ says it’s the next Macarena. He’s been saying that for going on two weeks now, and AFAIK the song hasn’t caught on yet.

Have you heard it? Are they dancing to it in clubs? (I’m a little old to be going to clubs, thankyouverymuch :)) Does it have its own dance, like the Macarena?


They’re not Puerto Rican, they’re Spanish. There’s already a Pit thread about it.

Sadly it’s No.1 in the charts here in the UK due to people having been infected by it on holiday and your thread title has put the chorus back in my head again. I will find a way of making you pay very dearly for that rastahomie!!!

In case anyone needs more info, this is from the BBC’s pop page…

I don’t know if the English language song is real or not, but apparently it’s supposed to be a hip hop track.

It’s called Acereje and it has caught on bigtime here in Mexico. Not the level of Macarena but it gets lots of airplay and it’s played in the clubs. The video runs a lot on TV. My 2 year old niece sings it and does all of the hand jestures. It is pretty annoying

It sounds an awful lot like what they’re saying he’s (poorly) singing is “Rapper’s Delight”, that quarter-hour long grand-daddy of hip-hop.

A hip hop, a hippie to the hippie the hip hip hop you don’t stop…

Yes, the chorus to the song is a mangled version of Rapper’s Delight. The lyrics are supposedly about a man who enjoys hip-hop, especially that song, even though he doesn’t know what it means.

Official U.S. site of Las Ketchup (They’re the daughters of a guitar player called Tomate. Get it?) Listen to a snippet of “Acereje/The Ketchup Song (Hey Hah)” and see the music video, which features the whole song.

Do the Ketchup! (No, it’s nothing like the Hustle.) An animated tutorial on the dance that goes with the song. Requires Macromedia Flash.

Soon to be heard at every wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, 50th birthday bash, <insert party type here>