Spain a member of the axis of evil

I can forgive almost everything to Spain, yes they behave rather badly during the conquest (so did every other conqueror) and on the positive side if it weren’t for Spain I would have to speak English every damm day (it’s a pretty difficult language).
But enough is enough Juan Carlos I is worst than Saddam, worst than Osama and worst than Sharon (oopps I forgot he is one of the “good guys”). Many are no doubt asking what is this guy talking about?

Some years ago it was Macarena, Bush must save the world. Yes many will say that his true objective is to protect american singers that put money in his campaign. That is plain stupid, so Bush please wipe out Madrid

I know, I heard this a few weeks ago on the radio. I want to go live in a cave somewhere.

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!!


I second the motion; it’s getting plenty of play in clubs here. It’s catchy, infectious really, in an annoying way. But goddamn if I can’t get it out of my head.

Oh, my god… !!!

I heard that song SO MUCH when I was in Spain !!

Some girls in a bar in Chueca taught me how to do the dance while I was in Madrid. (Mercifully, I’ve forgotten it.)

Hijas del tomate, indeed. Yikes!

That song does have great camp value, I’ll give it that. :wink:

(So what does Asereje mean, anyway?)

goes and puts on “Africanos en Madrid” as a counterweight

No. It’s an affront to all things right and decent. And it must be stopped.

Actually it’s a kind of Spanish phonetic restatement of Rapper’s Delight by Sugarhill. “I said a hip, hop, the hippie…”

… Loco, who made the mistake of getting the Ketchup karaoke DVD for his daughter… <shudder>

So it’s not even original? They stole it from a rapper???!?!?
I will write Barcelona out of my map, surely this deed can’t go unpunished*

  • I will hijack my own thread: is it unpunished or umpinished? I would look it up in a dictionary but if some doper answers it he will solve a gramatical doubt I have, you see in spanish before P or B you always use an M, never an N. I’m sure the same thing doesn’t happen in english, right?

Boy do I disagree! the simplest verb in Spanish has 48 different forms. The most complicated verb in English only has 5. English is simpler, at least IMHO.

Having gotten that out of the way allow me to say that I agree. That is the song from hell… the UN must do something about it before we have another Macarena, or (God forbid) Lambada :rolleyes:.

At least the verb forms in Spanish are semiregular :wink: I found it very easy. Easier than French and definitely easier than German.

And it’s unpunished. Other prefixes, especially from Latin, sometimes change (incredible, illogical, irreparable, imbalance).

I agree with **peepthis[/p], it is catchy in an annoying way. I get the feeling that after I hear this song another two times it will really get on my nerves. By the time I hear this song one hundred thousand times after it hits here and becomes the next Macarena, I will be cursing the day that the Tomato girls were conceived.

Bah. Asereje doesn’t even begin to approach the abyss of Spanish pop evil. That would be shudder “Te Quiero Más.”

It followed me home! Aaaugh!

And then, of course, there is already someone who DOES claim that the lyrics hide a satanic content. :rolleyes: (apologies: page is in Spanish. Babelfishing it will probably render it even more incomprehensible)

And yes, in interviews they have said it’s based on Sugarhill’s Rappers Delight – apparently inspired in some nightclubbers they knew in Spain who could not understand what the actual rap was saying so they would make up what they thought it said. I notice the phrase “an de bugui” which would be the phonetic rendition of English “and the boogie”.