Has anyone here ever considered walking out on a job, but didn't, and regretted it later?

Several threads here made me think of this.

In 1999, I started working at a hospital here in town, and found out very quickly that even though my boss at that job had been in this area for more than 20 years and even had his own business at one point, literally none of the other pharmacists that I knew (with one exception) had ever heard of him. The exception said “He’s a nice guy” but wasn’t very convincing; however, he was just that kind of person.

Anyway, the second day on that job, he called me into his office and told me, in so many words, that he had heard from multiple sources (whom he refused to identify) that I was basically an incompetent troublemaker, and he regretted hiring me but had to because I was the only person who had applied for that job. :confused: I considered getting up and walking out, but didn’t. I did leave, 4 months later, and that experience was so bad, I briefly considered surrendering my license. :eek:

Within a matter of days, I found a job at a grocery store where I worked for several years. When some major changes happened at that store, none of them for the better, I decided to leave, and in yet another interview was asked, “Why did you leave Hospital X after 4 months?” and I hemmed and hawed a bit. The interviewer replied, “You can tell me the truth. I’ve been told many times that Hospital X is a very difficult place to work at” and after that, I was a little more open about why I left.

Several months after I started working at the grocery store, we had a temp who had worked for my old boss at his business. She told me that she got 3 paychecks from him, and they all bounced. She also said, “I bet he told you that he lost his previous business in another town because he was undercut by the competition, didn’t he?” I replied that he did, and she said, “Nope, it was because everyone in town knew that he beat his wife up all the time.” :mad: Do I believe he would have done a thing like that? Ooooooh, yeah. That his wife wasn’t employed outside the home wasn’t suspicious in itself, but that she didn’t drive and was not disabled? That didn’t smell right to me either.

At that hospital, we also had a technician who, if I asked her to do something, would usually reply “Make me, bitch” (yes, really) and was well known around the hospital for being very rude to nurses and other staff. Why she was allowed to work there was something I never figured out either.

p.s. The woman who replaced me at that job went to lunch a few weeks after she was hired, and never went back. She had two kids, one of them disabled, and her husband was (and still is) a SAHD in order to care for the disabled one.

Yeah. It was that bad. :eek: