Have you ever quit a job with no notice?

If so, did you feel guilty about it?

For the first time in my long working life, I walked off of a job. I do believe that I was totally justified in my action, but I’ve still felt a bit of guilt about it and that is irritating me.

I’m sick of thinking about it.

Define “notice”.

In my late 20s at one point I was working two full time and one part time jobs. I told one of my full time bosses that I couldn’t handle the hours and repeatedly asked him to cut me back to 20 or so hours a week. He kept me full time.

After a month of ignored requests, I picked up my paycheck and never returned.

I was a “survey guy” at Universal Studios for a day or two (technically, I worked for an outside vendor rather than for Universal). I had to stand inside the park gates and stop every third person coming through the turnstiles and ask them a bunch of inane tourism-related questions on a Palm Pilot. It was hot as fuck and I couldn’t stand in a shady area, as it turns out people who’ve just waited an hour to park and enter a theme park are not very interested in asking questions.

I just never showed up for work on the second or third day. I did feel bad, but then I got an angry call from the boss about how I was “giving up a great opportunity” and was laughing too hard to care.

I’ve only quit one job in my life, and while I gave no notice, I’m pretty sure my boss knew it was coming. It was a temp job, so I wasn’t a critical member of the team, and the woman they had me working with had a reputation as being, um, difficult. So I went to the boss, said “I can’t do this any more.” The next day, I met with the 2 levels of boss above him on my way out.

To this day, I don’t understand why the, um, difficult woman still works there, but not my problem. I felt a little guilty, but mostly relieved.

That should read “and it turns out.” :smack:

Twice. The first time was at a tiny screen printing company that was struggling financially. I had trouble cashing my paychecks. The last time it happened, I cashed it at a grocery store and because my employer couldn’t cover it they froze MY bank account. I went in Monday morning and quit.

The other time, I kinda gave notice. I was working in a call center, and found a better job, so went in and gave my 2 week notice. My manager was an ass, and for the rest of my night, he picked at everything I said and did. I just didn’t come in the next day.

Yup. I was 16, had moved up from dishwasher to the kitchen. Then at the end of the summer they said they were going back to regular shifts and I’d have to wash dishes again. I said goodbye.

Back in my early twenties I worked at Kmart for about three hours. They just stuck me on a register and told me after an hour I was ready to go. I wasn’t taught how to do any sort of card purchase and it was the holiday rush period. Wasn’t long before customers were complaining about how slow I was. One lady was looking at her watch and grumbling about missing her flight and I asked her why in the world she as at Kmart thirty minutes before her flight. Then I took off my apron and walked out. Never even went back for my check, not that three hours at 3.25 each was worth the trip across town. I wasn’t at all embarrassed nor did I feel guilty at the time, but now that I’m older I realize I was being a bit of a bitch and should have at least stuck it out until the end of my shift.

I quit a job as a security guard/doorman at the end of my first shift. I had taken the job because I was unemployed and needed something to bring in money. It turned out to involve a whole lot of ass-kissing tenants and grubbing for tips, neither of which I wanted to do. I ended up taking job in residential treatment, instead, and considered it a better job.

Multiple jobs over the years.

Quit a programming job in 1992 when a co-worker was allowed to yell at me about something I knew nothing about, in front of 30 people while I was giving a presentation (turned out she was guilty and trying to blame me), then allowed to threaten me and my personal life in an email sent to a lot of people. When I complained, my man-hating ultra feminist manager told me to “be a man and put up with it” and refused to even speak to my co-worker about it.

Nope, walked right out.
Walked out on several part time jobs when I was a kid, because of asshole managers. Scream, yell, threaten, make physical threats all you want. You don’t actually have that much power over me when I can laugh in your face and leave. Not like it was hard for me to get another minimum wage job at the time…
Security job back in the dark days about 8 years ago. First day got yelled at by the client because I wasn’t putting my life in danger to confront people and I (gasp) took two restroom breaks and an actual 30 minute lunch. Missed my second day because it was 30 below and my car wouldn’t start. Got an actual Written Warning in the mail advising me to call a cab (which would have run about $50 to that location - each way) the next time.

Then my one and only paycheck bounced.

I never even returned the uniforms and they never asked me for them. I kept it in the closet for about five years before finding it again one day and throwing it out.

As a teen, I was the stock boy at a supermarket for one day. That was all it took for me to see the job wasn’t for me.

In my adult career I quit a job and gave two weeks notice but they told me I needed to clean my desk and leave immediately.

I also quit a different job because they were having financial problems and kept delaying our paychecks. I finally had enough and quit and just left.

I did. It was an employer I had been with for 10 great years. New leadership came in and changed the jobs of all its managers in my department. Three had already quit, but I was trying to make it work. Then out of the blue, they sent me to Vermont for three months with new job duties and the explicit order that there would be no trips home for those three months. I told them to either put me back on my old job and schedule or let me go. They refused to do either, so I quit. My HR rep, completely off-the-record and off-hours, actually advised me to do so, as my supervisors were giving me no other option.

Gave my notice on Friday night, flew home Saturday morning, was able to celebrate Father’s Day with my kids on Sunday.

This was my director’s cowardly way of letting his management team go (and replace them with his people) without having the staff think they were cleaning house. It let them make me the bad guy to the staff. Luckily, the unemployment people saw my side of things and didn’t rule my quitting “voluntary,” and I was able to collect my benefits.

I “gave notice” the morning of my shift by leaving a voicemail.

I fucking hated that place. I was security at a bar.

During the interview I told them days I could not work because of school. I said that if that won’t work then this would not be a good fit and I couldn’t work there. I was very clear. They said it wouldn’t be a problem. They said that if they called me back by a Wednesday then I got the job otherwise I wouldn’t hear from them.

No call by Wednesday. Ok, guess it didn’t work out. The next day I got a call saying I got the job and I needed to start that night (they called me at 1600 and wanted me in by 1900). I went in (stupid me). They gave me a shirt and said to start working. No training. No showing where anything is. No going over rules. Just get going. I lasted for about two weeks of constantly changing schedules, employees doing coke in the bathroom without repercussions, etc. etc.

Then school started and guess when they scheduled me? Plus, the new GI Bill came into effect and I suddenly had a lot more money per month.

“Hi, this is Randmcnally, I’m calling to inform you that I won’t be coming in tonight. Or ever. 'Cuz I quit. Bye.”
It’s funny, a few years later I had a friend who got a job there as a waitress. About two weeks after she started she started complaining about how horrible and unorganized that place was and how she’s quitting as soon as possible.

I quit my first two jobs without notice: Arby’s, at age 16 after a year and a half on the job; and Chuck E. Cheese, after four weeks. I feel guilty about both, because I’ve grown into a responsible adult, but especially about the Arby’s job, because it was my first job and they were honestly pretty good to me. I feel bad on general principle about walking out of the Chuck E. Cheese job, but otherwise fuck those guys.

I’ve quit several jobs, without notice. All but one figured it out without having to call and ask if I was ever coming back to work. I have never felt bad. I was firing them, and gave them exactly the same notice they would have given me if the tables were turned.

While I don’t remember ever quitting a job without notice, I did work at a McDonald’s for a few months in college. After I had left to take a better job elsewhere, somehow a rumor had gotten started that I walked out in the middle of a shift, saying “I McQuit!” on my way out the door.

I was a Journeyman carpenter before finding my niche in the fire alarm world. Work was pretty scarce in the late seventies, and I ended up building houses for a guy who was on the verge of retirement. The other guy on the crew was also much older than I. This meant that pretty much every mistake on the job was my fault. One morning I found a mistake in the layout that would have caused us to tear a wall out and start over. I pointed it out, and the boss asked for my tape measure. Thinking he was going to remeasure, I gave it to him. He said that there was never a need for me to check his work and he would give my tape back when he thought I needed it.

I picked up my lunch pail, got in my truck and left the job.

I had worked 3 months at a potentially interesting job when suddenly my employer changed everything for the worse (I found out later they had concealed their debt problems.)
I resigned over the phone and told them I felt double-crossed.

They must have agreed, because they

  • told me I didn’t have to work my notice
  • gave me 3 months salary as an apology :cool:

This was a part-time college job, in a bakery. I was hired and sent to work, operating a huge machine that turned dough into dinner rolls. I knew absolutely nothing about the machine, and my supervisor was a horrible woman who couldn’t express herself without being overbearing and insulting. Every time I asked a question, I was called stupid or ignorant. When I finally got the machine working, she had neglected to tell me how to turn it off. Of course I was stupid and ignorant (and a few other stronger words) for allowing the rolls to land all over the floor.

I went home after the first day, and never returned. Or got paid.

longhair, wonder how they felt when they had to tear out that wall!

I walked out of a McDonald’s job as a teenager. I had been there a couple months at the time and wasn’t loving it. One night I asked if I could go home in the middle of a shift because I felt a migraine coming on. Instead, the manager said I could leave my register and go work the frystation. I nearly hurled at the thought, and without the capability at the moment for further negotiation, headed out the door.

They called the next day to tell me I still had a job, but they were wrong. :slight_smile: