Has anyone here shot 10mm or .41 caliber?

Two rarer calibers not seen much, almost defunct except for collectors. (Although Wiki claims that Smith & Wesson has decided to reintroduce their model 57 .41 Mag revolver.) Apparently both were considered too “hot”, and the cut-down version of the 10mm evolved into the .40 S&W round.

I put 10 rounds through a Glock 10mm semiauto some while back. I liked the feel of the gun and its recoil seemed moderate. This particular one had some creep in the trigger that I would have wanted to see fixed had it been mine.

I shot a 10mm handgun when I was 8 years old, frequently (I shot one before that, rarely). It wasn’t too much to handle, but by the time I was 8 I had “my own” CZ 75B (which is a 9mm pistol), so I was used to firearms.

My father owned a Colt Delta Elite, which had a critical failure (the slide broke while he was shooting it), because the 1911 frame really shouldn’t have that powerful of a round put through it, however he put tens of thousands of rounds through the glock without issue.

A Glock tends to have lighter recoil (because the barrel is lower in respect to your hand, so despite the weight, you end up with less effective recoil) than other same-caliber guns, but I had no real issue with the Glock or with any of the other 10mm’s I’ve shot.

My dad currently owns a Glock 10mm (although a different one from then), a Slim Frame model. I shoot it frequently, and even with “hot rounds” I don’t have issues, although I am not a small person.

To put it in perspective, though, at the age of 11, one of my favorite firearms was an Raging Bull .454.

I shot a .41 once when I was younger. A friend of mine lived out in the country so I went over there for some target practice. I hadn’t shot guns much before that, and I never had any real instruction on them so trigger discipline wasn’t something I’d ever heard of or knew to practice.

I’m not sure what kind of gun my friend had, it’s always been the ‘bigass cowboy gun’ to me, but I gave it a try. The first cylinder went ok though the thing kicked like no other pistol I’ve ever shot. I reloaded and went back to shoot again and as I was extending my arm, before my elbow locked, my finger brushed the trigger.

The front sight put a divot directly between my eyebrows. I saw stars and then I saw red from the blood dripping down into my eye. My friend shook his head and gave me a well deserved lecture, and then I got to go to work and explain my stupidity to everybody there. A fair number of them shook their heads and gave me a well deserved lecture too. On the bright side, I’ve been really, really good about trigger discipline ever since.

I’ve shot a Glock 10mm. It was years ago, though, and I can’t recall anything terribly specific about it, so I guess it wasn’t all that memorable…

We have a Dan Wesson 741 that mrAru likes but it has too much kick for me, I prefer my Walther PP, it fits my hand better. Although I do also have a 1917 issueLuger P.08 that is compete, holster, tool, spare magazine with wooden plug, all serialized. We don’t fire it as we have newer weapons and don’t need to do anything other than keep it as a display piece and remembrance of my dad.

A friend of mine was trying to decide on a handgun, so we went to the local “rent a gun” range. We tried out a variety of rounds, all in Glocks. I found that the 10mm was too loud, and had too big of a muzzle flash for my taste. The 9mm is too small, and the .45 was too big. The .40S&W was “just right.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t buy a Glock, but a S&W, which was MA compliant, and was a terrible gun to shoot.

I’m sure there are differences between models/brands of handgun for a given round, but I didn’t care for the 10mm.