Has anyone here tried the Alton Brown avocado & sardine sandwhich?

I did. It sounded… weird. But, in fact it is quite good. Actually, really good!

Here’s a pic of it from earlier: Yum!

Here’s my take on it (mostly similar to his, mostly):

Take a can of sardines, put in a bowl and mash up. Then add a few splashes of sherry vinegar and some freshly chopped parsley. Let sit 15 minutes to an hour.

Take multigrain bread and toast on light. Then brush on oil from sardine can and put under the broiler (I use my toaster oven) to get the top crisp.

Cut open an avocado and score one half of the innards with a knife, then mash in the shell with a fork to make a spread.

Spread avocado on toast, then sprinkle a good helping of fresh ground black pepper.

Next spread sardine paste onto avocado. Then add salt and some fresh squeezed lemon juice (also squeeze lemon juice on the other half of the avocado and refrigerate for use later).

Then enjoy!

Really, it sounded nasty when I first watched his video on youtube, but those flavors all mix together to make a very tasty meal. And the best thing (other than being cheap and easy) is that it is supposed to be very healthy.

So, anyone try it before?

I’ve made and enjoyed it…I like nice flaky sea salt on top.

I used a little kosher salt. I think your idea would be a nice touch.

Haven’t tried it, but I will now. I eat sardines for lunch once or twice a week (protein, omega 3s, low mercury, what’s not to like?) and a new recipe will be great to try, thanks.

That actually sounds good! I want to try this.

I tried it once, and it was OK, but it was a lot of work for lunch. The avacados actually masked the sardine taste quite a bit. Which I guess is good for some people, but I love sardines, and prefer them plain, or with a little sriracha sauce.

sounds delicious! Sometimes i’ll just slap some sardines on wheat bread, but this sounds like a better plan, albeit more work.

Added to my “to do” list.

I’ve never had sardines, but this sounds intriguing, and I do love avocados. Heck, if I can eat anchovies sardines can’t be too bad.

I have had Alton Brown’s avocado ice cream. It was ok, but I should have spiced it up a little. It was kind of like frozen, creamy guacamole.

No, but this reminds me of a recipe from Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz’s pioneering book on Mexican cooking. The sardine paste is used to stuff a halved avocado; top it with parmesan cheese.

The spicy, fishy, vinegary sardines are a great combo with the smooth avocado…

Okay, tried it, and the verdict: love it. The little touches I wouldn’t have thought of like the freshness and texture of the parsley and the acidity of the vinegar and lemon really tie in well, all the flavors are distinct but come together surprisingly well. Definitely going into the sandwich rotation, thanks.