Has anyone here used one of those Navage sinus cleaning machines?

I’ve laughed at the ads I’ve seen on TV, because they show all these people with goofy grins on their faces while the machine is jammed up their nose. But as a sufferer of what I like to call CPP (chronic persistent phlegm) I’ve started to wonder if I should think seriously about something like that. I’ve tried using a neti pot in the past but have never really stuck with it long enough for it to feel like it was making a difference. Has anyone here used a Navage or something similar? Are they worth it?

You might have an allergy and could get treatment for that.

This happened to me, and rather than use some weird pot (no pun intended!) I talked to my doctor about it.

My doctors (both previous, who retired, and current) have been no help. They take the “House MD” approach: maybe it’s this, let’s try this. Nope, that didn’t help, maybe it’s something else, let’s try something else. Nope, that’s not it either. Lather rinse repeat. I’ve tried taking allergy medicine, and it helps a little, but never completely clears up. So I’m just ready (once again) to try something different.

I have a lot of sinus issues. Doctors were never able to help.

I have never used Navage, but what I have found helpful is the NeilMed sinus rinse bottle. It’s similar except that it doesn’t have the powered suction, and instead of being motorized it’s a hand-held squirt bottle. And it’s $10 instead of $100.

I’m in the same boat as you @Shoeless. I’ve had CT scans and there is nothing structurally wrong with my sinuses and antihistamines do very little. I discussed the Netipot with my doctor and they only work if your ears and nose aren’t complete blocked, which mine often are. Maybe I should try the shop vac version.

I’m a user of a competing model, the Dr. Grossen sinus irrigator. Mine is an older model, an attachment you use with a Water Pik. Same idea, it pumps warm saline up one nostril and around all your sinuses and out the other nostril until it runs clean.

You should do as Kimera757 suggests and consult with a doctor.

But I have to say, I have had very good results with the device, whenever I get the beginnings of post-nasal drip or other excessive congestion, I lavage myself, and doing so has reduced what used to be at least once-a-year upper respiratory infection miseries to rare events.

My husband has a Navage. I know he used it last winter a few times and claimed it helped him. But I haven’t seen it being used since. It might not be Navage season yet.

I bought a Neti Pot years ago after reading about them here. I was all excited about it, but for the life of me I couldn’t bring myself to try it.

My gf has had sinus problems her entire life. I told her about the Neti Pot, and she tried it. She uses it every few days and says it has improved her quality life. I’m still grossed out by the idea, and cannot even be in the same room when she uses hers.

Been a user for at least two, maybe 3 years? I can’t recommend it enough! Its helped A LOT with my sinus issues. Helps clean them out of all the gunk, AND I haven’t had a sinus infection for as long as I’ve used it. I use it once in the morning to clear my head out, and then once before bed to keep the nighttime breathing issues down. Its a fantastic product.

NeilMed is the one I use.

About 15 years ago I was tired of being laid up for days at a time with terrible allergies so I went to see an allergist expecting to end up getting allergy shots. He said before we do that I want you to try out a sinus rinse twice a day for two weeks. Two weeks later I told him I was cured. He said he lost a lot of customers that way but he was happy for me.

I use it twice a day about 3 months out of the year when the allergens that affect me are the most prevalent. Also every time I mow the lawn.

Someone mentioned that it doesn’t work if you’re already blocked up. I’ve discovered that’s true but with a caveat, Due the the nasal cycle (look it up if you want to learn something new about your body) I find I can always use it in one direction even when the other direction is completely blocked. However when you’re blocked up you really don’t want to force the issue because it can hurt your ears. Because of that I wouldn’t want to use anything you plug in; I’m sticking with the squeeze bottle.

Ok, so as I stated in the OP, I do have a neti pot, I’ve just never been able to stick with it long enough for it to feel like it is making a difference. Do the powered machines make a noticeable difference right off the bat? I’m wondering if maybe I should try to give the neti pot one more shot, say twice a day for a week, and see if it helps before plunking down some cash for a powered nasal suction device.

I’m actually the same. The allergist commented on how healthy my sinuses look!

The ENT recommended an OTC steroid nasal spray, and a neti pot. (Not in that order, of course.)

My congestion is way up in the face, and the steroid was very local, and didn’t really affect it. But it made a huge difference lower down. I will definitely be trying that next time i have a cold and have trouble breathing.

I find i sometimes get immediate relief from a neti pot, though. So if you don’t, it may not be what’s going to help you.

I find that i LOVE the neti pot when i have been doing dusty stuff, and my nose is full of crap. I also get a lot of relief if i have a cold, but my sinuses aren’t completely blocked. When they are completely blocked, the water doesn’t travel through, and doesn’t do any good.

I’ve tried the Neti pot, and the lack of suction made me feel like I was drowning. Didn’t like the thing. The suction provided by the Navage lasts about 30 seconds, and makes your sinuses feel clean. If you’re going to start sinus washing, do it right, and get the Navage.

That’s what I was going to suggest as well. It’s dirt cheap so if you don’t like it you can toss it. Also, it’s easier than a Neti pot. You can concentrate on not drowning without also trying to get the neti pot at the correct angle while looking in a mirror all while trying to stay over the sink. Just lean over the sink, squeeze the bottle and then get into the least uncomfortable position you can find.

I have a dust mite allergy, so because bedding is full of dust mites, that has translated into a chronic case of sinusitis. Even though I have dust mite countermeasures (sealed mattress, proper anti-dust mite pillows), I often get sinus infections. And what is worse, when I do get infected, I can’t easily blow my nose, as it is usually dry there, instead I get postnasal drip.

What works best for me to get the yuck out, is nasal irrigation. I use a sterilized (boiled) solution consisting of boiled distilled or filtered water, then add 1/4 tsp of a 1:1 mix of baking soda and salt (non-iodized). Walgreens sells squirt bottles, 8 oz size, in which I put the solution after it has cooled a bit. (ETA probably similar to “NeilMed” mentioned just above.) I can put a large volume of this stuff up my nose in several applications, and it washes everything out. Doing this can relieve all symptoms and can, if repeated diligently, make a sinus infection go away.

When symptoms are bad I take a 24-hour antihistamine and do the nasal irrigation, and things get better.

There is a xylitol-based solution called Xlear, which you can spray into your nose / sinuses, which apparently make the bacteria less likely to “stick” and hence can help with a sinus infection. I use this sometimes after blowing my nose out thoroughly after the nasal irrigation. The idea is, you want it to stick around, so you need to use it when you’ve already cleared the system out.

Regarding the Navage machine, I’ve never heard of it; maybe I should take a look. I have heard of Neti-pots and they did not appeal.

OK, I read up on the Navage and looked at NeilMed. Fine. Navage is basically a more expensive way to do nasal irrigation. Buying the fancy setup and its salt tablets is merely a way to send these guys a lot of cash. You can easily make the solution yourself. I guarantee it; have been doing it for years.

Make your own solution. 1:1 baking soda and non-iodized salt, 1/4 tsp to 8 oz boiled, purified water.

Currently there are apparently numerous sinus rinse bottles to choose from:

  • NeilMed
  • NetiBottle
  • Xlear Sinus Rinse

…these all look about the same and appear to be 8 oz, so they should work with your homemade solution. The bottle is cheap.

ETA: Just be sure to not leave the solution lying around for too long else you might re-infect yourself. Just make some more, it’s super cheap.

In addition to the Dr. Grossan WaterPik-powered contraption, I also have this elegant portable solution at my disposal:

Syringe tip fits snugly against nostril. Normal+ saline in the barrel. Self-explanatory, yes?

I use the neti bottle when I have head congestion. I use it in the shower so I don’t have to worry about the mess. It’s awful. But it does do a good job getting my sinuses clear.

Am I doing it wrong? The Neti pot has never done me much good. I pour down each nostril and out the other one, and pour it down the nostrils and into my mouth, and I don’t get much relief at all, if any. And then drip saline an hour later. Advice welcome. Am seriously thinking of adapting shop vac for this problem

Many of the devices in this thread work by blasting saline up into your sinuses, giving them a thorough wash. If you are “pouring” solution through the bottom of the sinus passages, perhaps it might be missing most of your sinus, not doing an adequate flushing…?