Has anyone seen the show [i]RedGreen[/i]?

My all time favourite bit was an “Experts” segment, with Graham Greene as the guest expert “Edgar Montrose”. Harold reads the “viewer letter”, which asked something about movie recommendations, and Graham goes off on this rant about how modern movies are all crap. (Because, for example, unlike Bridge Over the River Kwai, where the bridge blows up at the end, not a single bridge blew up in Bridges of Madison County.) Harold disagrees and suggests “Dances With Wolves” as a good recent movie. Greene says something like “Yeah, that was okay. That native guy was really good. But what it really needed was some explosions. Maybe have some buffalo blow up from methane backup.” There was lots more, too. God, I laughed for the next hour solid. Is it possible to find transcripts of old episodes?

My favourite is Hap O’Shaughnasey, although a lot of that is because me and Gordon Pinsent grew up in the same town. (Grand Falls, Newfoundland) But Hap’s a fun character, aside from that. Very close second is Bill (of Adventures with Bill) - I’ve loved Rick Green (who plays Bill) in everything I’ve seen him in, from Four On The Floor, through History Bites. (HB is good…the history is occasionally iffy, but it’s a great show.)

And it’s not at all unusual for the sketches between the Red/Harold bits to have something to do with the storyline, too, although not usually completely dirextly.

I guess I could have just looked for myself…



Rick Green’s best show was “Prisoners of Gravity,” bar none.

For all the fans of the Red Green Show, they still have to advertise on local radio stations occasionally to get people to come to the taping of the shows (that would be with a camera…). No charge. Amazing.

Do you remember the slingshot waterskiing? Or the theft-proof car? Then there was the cigarette car he made from an old bus, and the doublewide K-car composite.

Man, I loves me some Red Green. Have a coupla DVDs, too.

I also love the show. I rank it up there with the British House of Commons as my favorite comedy TV show on the air when anyone asks.

But it really speaks to me. I am middle aged, live in a rural community, have a beard and often have to explain disasters to my wife.

I hope you enjoy it, and remember, “I’m pullin’ for you.”


With discounts for vegetarians.

And my personal motto working in an IT department:

When all else fails, play dead

I refuse to use the Latin, ever since I flunked it in 7th grade

Readmore, what’s your town? I’m originally from Albia.

Love Red Green. It’s a treat whenever I’m visiting my folks. I work with a guy who could be Red’s brother. If his brother used a lot of drugs.

I love Red Green!
My favorite episode is the one where Red teaches how to make a holiday meal in the car - on the way to someone’s house.
Just for the record, I am not a middle aged, grizzled man. I am 24 and female. I also didn’t grow up in the boonies. I actually grew up in a large city. So, anyone can get into this show.
Until about 2 months ago, my fiance worked for PBS. In the Master Control and Engineering departments. Thanks to this, there are very few PBS shows I haven’t seen.
Red Green is still one of my favorites - along with Red Dwarf and Chef.

I love that Graham Greene and Gordon Pinset - celebrities in their own right - are regulars. I love that Ranger Gord is so handsome, yet so lonely. I love to just listen to these fellas - it reminds me of home. My dad is a real Red Green type - but he’d never admit it.

We watch it Saturday nights at 11:00 pm (just before Red Dwarf). A little bit of home for me. Thank you PBS!

Wow! Your responses have really whetted my curiousity. I guess I’ll catch this show and check it out. I know I’ve seen Graham Greene in other shows and I’ve seen Gordon Pinsett playing the murdered father on Due South. Thanks for your responses.