Has anyone used buspar

I was on it for a while back in 2002. I forget what anxiety benefits it gave me but I remember that it caused me to gain weight. About a pound a week even though I was only on 10mg a day taken as 5mg 2x a day. If I took more than 5mg at a time I would get dizzy when I moved my head too fast.

Has anyone else noticed these side effects? At the time I was sleeping from about 10am-5pm due to a work schedule and insomnia but when I went off and went back on around 2003 I noticed it gave me insomnia. Since 2003 I’ve been falling asleep around 11-2am and on Buspar I couldn’t sleep until 5 or 6am. Did anyone else get side effects like that? Did you think it worked on your anxiety?

I don’t know if I want to refill my prescription and try Buspar again due to the insomnia and weight gain. Did anyone find out what you can do to help with these side effects?

I take it and Prozac, and have gained about 10 lb overall, not sure which it’s due to (or whether it’s just due to eating too much!). It definitely did not cause insomnia for me. Why don’t you ask your doc about it?

I’m going to but I don’t see any harm in asking other users if they’ve had the same side effects.

I didn’t mean to imply it was wrong to ask us!!! I was just trying to give some helpful advice! Good luck! :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean to sound defensive when I wrote that. I was just stating that I wanted to hear from other users what experiences they got.

I remember the side effects I got like dizziness, insomnia, nausea and weight gain but I largely forget what benefits I got. I think buspar made me a little mentally numb and not as negatively affected by things, which although good isn’t really worth the negative sides.

I’m on buspar and I like it. I can’t say exactly what I like about it though…

I just don’t really care about stuff as much as I used to. I’m no longer convinced that my SO is cheating on me every time he leaves my sight, for one thing. And I have panic attacks much less frequently and am not so reliant on the xanax.

Negative side effects for me are that I have to take it at night and I have to be ready to go to sleep because it knocks me out in about a half hour. Also, it mimics the feeling of low blood sugar, so (before I figured out that it was the med causing it) I would sometimes binge on sweets after taking my daily 30 mgs. Now that I take it at night that’s not such a problem.

And as far as weight gain, everything makes me gain weight. At least it’s not as bad as Lexapro, on which I gained 15 pounds even though I was biking 45 minutes a day.

That’s all!

Thats why I liked it too. I haven’t taken it seriously for two years but I vaguely remember not having the symptoms of GAD as much as I normally do. Not chronically worrying about stupid things that would never happen, etc.

I’m on buspar, and it really helps me with generalized anxiety. It made me hungry all the time and nauseous right after I took it at first, but those effects eventually went away.

I was on Buspar several years ago, also for general anxiety. I really don’t recall having any side effects at all, but I suppose that may just be a matter of hazy memory.

Anyway, I was very pleased with the results of my time on it. It definitely greatly reduced my anxiety levels, and I’ve been able to maintain that since phasing off the treatment.