Has Cheney done anything for which he might be impeached?

Follow-up to “How come you Americans haven’t impeached Bush?”

If we do that, we have Cheney as prez (like that’s any kinda change) – unless Cheney is impeached simultaneously or previously. So – can you think of any impeachable offense Cheney might have committed? The floor is open for speculation, hearsay and innuendo! :slight_smile:

Lying us into a war isn’t enough? Or his role in blowing the cover of an intelligence agent?

Or, let’s not forget, [Jon Stewart voice] He shot. A man. In the face. [/JSv]

Well, according to that other thread, impeachment is for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” I don’t see assault with a deadly weapon, so, unless he’s been selling Laura’s chocolate cake recipes on eBay or trying to bribe his way into Skull and Bones, I don’t imagine he’s gotten too deeply involved in anything that matters. He is the vice president, after all.

IIRC, Cheney hasn’t been deposed in the Plame investigation, but the best bet would be to get him to have to do so. He could probably be manuevered into perjuring himself. But to get him removed from office? 2/3 vote in the Senate? Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

Oh, right, in Texas that isn’t a high crime or even a misdemeanor.:slight_smile: Unless you get arrested, though. Which *he * was never going to be, of course.



His role in Plame, if more evidence comes forth, or if some serious illegal profiteering on the Iraq War comes to light.

How about the Halliburton thing?

Their stock has more than tripled since the invasion of Iraq. Why do you ask?