Has Facebook disabled this privacy setting?

I used to have my privacy setting set so any time I posted on someone else’s Wall, that particular action wouldn’t show up on the News Feed. But I just discovered that now my Wall posts show up on the News Feed. I can hide my friends from showing up on my news feed, but I can’t control how much of my information shows up on their news feeds? Is there a new way to hide my activity from the news feed?

Nope, it’s gone, along with any other settings about your actions being on others’ newsfeeds.

It honestly took me a bit to figure out why you’d care, but I think I get it now. You want to be able to post on one friend’s wall, without announcing that you did so to all of your other friends.

The way you have it above, I thought you meant you wanted to be able post on a friends’ wall but not let that friend know that you did it. This wouldn’t make much sense.

I do have a question for you: does it only affect mutual friends? Let’s say Ashley and James are your friends, but they don’t know each other. If you wrote on Ashley’s wall, would James be notified? Because that would be weird, as James would not have access to Ashley’s wall otherwise.

There. Are. No. Secrets. On. The. Intwarmet.

TANSOTI baby, TANSOTI !!! If you think there are…

You don’t have to deliberately show everybody everything but write so that if the worst happens, you can own it without too much angst. if you don’t, well … Bawahahahaha

BigT, I’ve poked around the Help section a bit on Facebook, and it seems to only affect mutual friends. So strictly speaking, those friends aren’t seeing anything they wouldn’t already be able to see.

Yeah, I want to be able to post on someone’s Wall without it showing up on everyone else’s feed. I know they can see it anyway if they go to that particular Wall, but I’d rather not clog up their news feed with the fact that I’m telling my boyfriend I’m making tuna pasta for dinner tonight, or something equally mundane.

Hopefully the tuna pasta won’t cause me too much angst in the future. :wink:

That’s what the private messaging function is for.

A friend of mine A bitched about another friend B on mutual friend C’s wall. She learned the above the very hard way…

This. If I have something to say to friend A that I don’t want friend B to know about, I most likely won’t even do it in a written media. That has a way of coming back to bite you in the arse. Phone calls. Face to face… not writing on facebook walls! Even a PM can get you, if it falls into the wrong hands.

I think a lot of people have gradations between “absolutely private and I don’t want anybody else to know about it” and “announce it to all my friends at the top of my lungs.”

Think about it in real life. While there are times where you want to pull your friend aside and talk in private, there are also times where you feel comfortable talking to a friend in a crowded place. I’m pretty sure that you would feel miffed if that conversation was recorded and played over the loud speaker at a gathering with all your friends.

What I would prefer would be the ability to use my friends list to say things that they are allowed to hear but others are not. It seems stupid to have to have multiple accounts to pull that off.

That’s what the facebook messaging feature is for. No need for multiple accounts.

Yes. The one that really bothers me is how facebook no longer lets you turn off the live feed notification to show everyone"I am now friends with so-and-so". I don’t want my ex-girlfriends seeing a note saying that I added some new girl as a facebook friend.
Granted, if my list of friends is public, then the ex-girlfriend can simply periodically scroll through my friends list to see who’s new, so the live feed notification isn’t providing any information she couldn’t have figured out on her own. But there’s a big big difference between her being able to do work to figure out a new friend was added versus screaming it at the top my lungs on the live feed notification.

I can’t seem to find a way to prevent non friends from seeing my groups/fan of…

I don’t know about you, but I have way more people in my friends groups than can be handled in a single message. And, even if I could, I’m not going to want to put in every name every single time.

The whole point of facebook is to make talking to groups more economical. If I just wanted to send messages to a bunch of people, and didn’t mind using all their names, I’d just use email.

Also, I’m specifically responding to people who are espousing to use the private messaging function. You think I’m not going to know about it? Geez.

It’s my understanding that it is no longer possible to keep anyone from seeing your “fan of” pages. I’m not a “fan of” anything, because I try to limit the amount of info Facebook has about me and will eventually sell, or use to make money.

This was the result of the recent privacy policy changes. Maybe it’s just me being cynical, but how often will a change to a privacy policy actually benefit the person that wants privacy, rather than the company that will benefit from not having to keep your info private?

It is nice to be able to keep in touch with people, and use what is more or less a souped up version of email, but Facebook sure is getting nosy, and over-share-y.

It’s more of a trade off. You get the ability not to update everyone in the world about what you change on your own page, but not what you change on others’. The inability to block outsiders from seeing your fan pages probably was snuck in there so people wouldn’t notice.\

So basically, I got some privacy functions I wanted, and they got some they wanted. I can finally do exactly what my previous post said I wanted to do: limit certain topics to not be for certain friends, and keep certain friends from talking directly to me.