Has fox news been correctly identifying the party of Chris Collins?

Whenever a Republican Congress person or other politician was accused of wrongdoing, Fox news used to “accidentally” Identify that person as a Democrat in the initial reports, usually by putting (D) after their name rather than ®. Has this been happening in the case of New York representative Chris Collins? I can no longer see well enough to tell.

The first question is: has FoxNews been reporting on the Chris Collins story at all? I’m not seeing anything on the FoxNews website.

From their website:

New York Republican Rep. Christopher Collins has been indicted on insider trading charges, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday. .

They are reporting his party correctly in the video on that page. But I do remember that these mistakes were always like one-time things that they would fix, so that doesn’t mean they never put a D after his name. What was suspicious is that they always went one direction.

That said, I would think that, if they had messed this up, that there would be something online about it. And I’m not finding anything. So I think they didn’t do it this time. I’ve not heard of it in a long time, actually, so I suspect that they don’t do it now that people have caught on.

Or, at least, they don’t try it with big news stories where they would be quickly caught.

Huh. I even searched by his name.

didn’t they even once do something like “Kim Jong Un-(D) North Korea”?

My suspicion regarding this behavior is that it was both inadvertent and indicative of bias at the same time.

Basically I can imagine a copy writer on a deadline not knowing the party affiliation of the perpetrator in question, but guessing that if he did something bad and its being reported on Fox then more likely than not he’s a Democrat. If he guesses D in that situation he will be right nine times out of ten.

Giving credit when its due, they even reported

I can’t give them credit for reporting what Pelosi said. They know that uttering Pelosi’s name infuriates Republicans and of course ginning up hate is what the network is all about.

Is this remotely accurate? I recall one instance where this happened (though it may have been a local Fox affiliate rather than the Fox network).

Anything remotely close to “whenever …”?

There seems to have been a burst of this activity at one time, but I don’t sense it is currently a common occurrence.

It has happened a lot. A little googling goes a long way.

Gov Mark Sanford, D (SC)

To be fair, Fox wasn’t alone in labeling Dennis Hastert as a Democrat.

I think they made that “mistake” fairly frequently six or seven years ago. Maybe after the seventh or eigth time of being nicked for it, they gave up the practice, or at least I read about it less often.

And don’t miss their informative charts.

But don’t ever dare mention the times that they would put up “Rep. Namehere (NY) accused of Mopery”, leaving the viewer to infer that the person is a Republican.

I’m not sure if it ever happened that they would deliberately leave off a party designation and hope that people thought the “Representative” abbreviation would make people think they were a Republican, but it was something I was confused about as a kid watching news reports. It may have no basis in reality and is just the result of someone not being old enough to understand everything yet.

Fox & Friends’: Defeat of ‘Communist Japan’ Proves U.S. Is a Great Nation

Bumping this one on the breaking news that Chris Collins is pleading guilty, and has submitted his resignation to Nancy Pelosi’s office, where they have confirmed receipt. His resignation will be effective noon, tomorrow (10-1-2019).

(This is the closest I could find to a Chris Collins thread…)

I have no doubt that Fox will label The Donald as a Democrat the minute he is convicted by the Senate.

Tramp would only be reverting to his prior (D) identity. Can we easily dismiss the tale that Tramp conspired with his old buds the Clintons to destroy the GOP by revealing the right’s obscenity? GOP is now known as the party of traitorous haters and luzers, vastly white, young and old with few prospects. Demographics are against the GOP.

What, Faux Newz staffers subtly or blatantly misidentify politicians? Accidents happen. But in Japanese art, accidents MUST happen; ceramics MUST break, to be creatively fixed with gilded glue. And in Faux-land, glitches MUST occur, just so. Bad Republican: accidentally apply (D) or nothing. Bad anyone else: accidentally apply (D). Edit those out if anyone whines. But never apologize.

If Independents become a solid bloc, expect Faux to label its targets (I).

I’m betting they go with “long-time Democratic donor.” Which is, embarrassingly, true.